1991 World Highland Games Championships Callender

1991 World Highland Games Championships Callender:  Jon Pall Sigmarsson.  Jamie Reeves.  Alistair Gunn.  Jim McGoldrick.  George Patience.  Aryydas Svegzda.  Francis Brebner.  Dan Marcovic.  Paul Ferency.  Joe Quigley.  Chris Black.  George … Read More

WWE Evolution. First-ever ALL-WOMEN’S Pay-Per-View.

Links for wrestling events: Plan A  http://bwrestling.com/ Plan B  http://firstrowca.eu/sport/boxing-wwe-ufc.html Plan C  http://sportcategory.org/boxing/ WSHTF (When Shit Hit The Fan)    http://lutte.jdx.info/ Related links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWE_Evolution https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/2018/10/28/wwe-evolution-2018-preview-and-predictions/

UFC Action Figures

UFC Action Man 0 SHARES FacebookTwitterGoogle+ Δημοσίευση: 10/03/2015 16:25 Κατηγορίες: MMA,διάφορα Επιμέλεια: Kίμωνας Oζζ. Δείτε τις δημιουργίες των Αμερικάνων που αφορούν τους σούπερ ήρωες των μαχητικών αθλημάτων κυρίως από το UFC. Source: http://www.fightsports.gr/%CE%B1%CF%84%CE%B1%CE%BE%CE%B9%CE%BD%CF%8C%CE%BC%CE%B7%CF%84%CE%B1/%CE%AE%CF%81%CF%89%CE%B5%CF%82-%CF%84%CE%BF%CF%85-ufc-%CF%83%CE%B5-%CF%83%CF%84%CF%85%CE%BB-action-man/#.W1-uM9ThBkg

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar challenging UFC Champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 226.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar challenging UFC Champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 226. After being invited by the newly crowned UFC 2-Division Champion Daniel Cormier, WWE Champion and former UFC Champion … Read More

International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS)

Mixing PORN with PRO WRESTLING. Carol and Danny McAlear are a suburban Canadian couple with three kids who own a portion of the Montreal based wrestling promotion called International Wrestling … Read More

WWE Backlash 2018

Plan A http://watchwrestling.uno/busy/ Plan B http://firstrowca.eu/sport/boxing-wwe-ufc.html Plan C http://sportcategory.org/boxing/     If Shit Hits The Fan   http://lutte.jdx.info/  Preview and Predictions: https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/2018/05/06/wwe-backlash-2018-preview-and-predictions/

Kirill Sarychev 738.5lbs RAW Bench Press World Record

Born 1 January 1989 (age 29) Pugachyov, Saratov Oblast, Soviet Union (now Russia) Residence Moscow, Russia Occupation Powerlifter, police officer Height 197 cm (6 ft 6 in)[1] Weight 170–180 kg (375–397 lb)[1] 5 Kirill Sarychev presses 739 lb (335 kg) with wrist wraps and … Read More

2018 WWE Wrestlers Salaries & Contract Details (Revealed)

2018 WWE Wrestlers Salaries & Contract Details (Revealed) MARCH 2, 2018 BY TOTALSPORTEK2 Most of the WWE wrestlers in the roster has long term contracts with with the company depending on the … Read More