Kirill Sarychev 738.5lbs RAW Bench Press World Record

Kirill Sarychev 738.5lbs RAW Bench Press World Record.

Born 1 January 1989 (age 29)
PugachyovSaratov OblastSoviet Union (now Russia)
Residence Moscow, Russia
Occupation Powerlifter, police officer
Height 197 cm (6 ft 6 in)[1]
Weight 170–180 kg (375–397 lb)[1]
5 Kirill Sarychev presses 739 lb (335 kg) with wrist wraps and without a belt on Nov 22, 2015 at the “SN-PRO CUP”

Kirill Sarychev 335 kg(738.5lbs) RAW Bench Press World Record 2015

All-time record of 327.5 kg in the bench press for all ages in all weight categories, just a 27-year-old Kirill Sarychev pressed 330 kg, the second approach, and 335 kg in the third approach !!!

Олтайм рекорд 327.5 кг в жиме лежа за все времена во всех весовых категориях, только что 27-ми летний Кирилл Сарычев пожал 330 кг, во втором подходе и 335 кг в третьим подходе!!!

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