Brad Pitt Fight Club no-bullshit diet & workout

Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club was voted the most sought after body by men in Mens Health Magazine

Many people see Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club as the ultimate ideal physique for all means…

Women wants to fuck him and men wants to be him…

6 ft. tall, 155 lbs, 8% body fat, 14 inch arms, age 35

Is it so hard to be that “perfect”? 

Not at all! 

In fact, it’s really easy! 


The Brad Pitt Fight Club real no-bullshit “secret” diet & workout routine

all the bullshit and way too long routines and complicated diet that I collected in my hugely popular Brad Pitt Fight Club article. Getting a Fight Club Brad Pitt’s dream body is easily attainable with
some work and dedication.  And there is absolutely no need to do a video
about it. Only a couple of words and sentences are needed to expose the
truth about Brad Pitt’s Hollywood Physique.

The truth is that you don’t even need to go to the gym to get the Brad Pitt Fight Club kind of physique

All you need is to: 

1- Get a low body
fat level from eating less aiming to be in caloric deficit. You don’t even need to do cardio. Just cuts your food intake as much as you can. If it doesn’t work. Starves yourself!

2- Get some muscle mass from doing push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups

3- Do not exercise your legs. 

4- No steroids needed. No supplements needed! 

5- Equipment required: less food in your fridge and a chin-up bar or a tree. 

That’s it! You will even save money in your quest to sport the Brad Pitt Fight Club physique.

EVERYONE can do it naturally.

Brad Pitt in Fight Club

Brad Pitt Snatch


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