Too Big to Wipe his Own Butt!

Many bodybuilders and powerlifters are so big that they can't even wipe their own butts.
Greg Kovacs was the biggest IFBB Pro Bodybuilder ever

At 6’3″, 400 pounds off-season, 35″ thighs, alleged 25″ arms, the late Greg Kovacs was one of the biggest and strongest bodybuilders ever. But being that big and huge is sometimes problematic… 

Having an hard time lacing your shoes. Check!
Suffering from the heel spur syndrome because you carry too much weight and squat too much for your small bone structure. Check!
Having thighs so big that you walk like a robot-penguin. Check! 
Thighs so big that the rubbing causes huge fucking furuncles inside of your thighs on a weekly basis. Check!
Being so heavy that you have to take a breath after drinking from the fountain. Check! 

Being more confortable wiping your butt in the standing position. Check! 
Being bothered by stomach and intestines problems. Check! 
Impossible to cross your legs? Check!
Impossible to touch your shoulder with your shoulder’s hand? Check!
Impossible to touch your hands being your back? Check!
Having your dick shrinking one inch off due to abdominal fat? Check!
Being so muscle bound that you have hard time writing on computer. Nope! But it was one of my goal!!
I’m I an extremist son of a bitch! YES!
Do I want to get back to 300 pounds? Hell no!
Do I miss my 33-inch tree trunk legs? Not at all!

I’ve experimented all these disadvantages when I was a bulky, year long off-season, strongman competitor. I was 6’1″ weighing over 300 pounds with 33 inches thighs on a small-bone structure. I assumed all these disagreements since it was more important than anything else to be a fuckin’ Freak!! I wanted to be the biggest and strongest human being on the face of the earth!!! My ultimate goal was to be a 500-pound version of Mark Henry!!! And I didn’t care about standing up to wipe my ass… 

But there is a lot worse than my case…

Back in the day the popular bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty gave an interview in which he revealed that the wife of another huge bodybuilder, Grec Kovacs used to wipe the butt of her husband because he was too big and couldn’t reach it. 

Similar behavior is also observed among the heavyweight powerlifters who are often even bigger in diameter than bodybuilders. There are powerlifting wives routinely wiping the butts of the their husbands/boyfriends. (Truth Seeker)

Nothing is more problematic that being unable to wipe your own ass after dumping a shit!??! 

Nope! I was actually able to wipe my ass… while standing.

In such an unconfortable situation, even a strongman fanatic freak as I was would have reconsidered his choice and commitment to be the strongest, biggest and baddest human being on the face of the earth!!!

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