Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 1: the first year. It was a four Combatants Federation: World’s Greatest Fighter, The Big Thing, Andromache the Great, and Simson were the four Combatants

Country:United StatesUSA /Brazil
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 235 lbs
Years Pro: 7
Age: 22
Reach: 84.5″
Fists: 15″ 

40-Yard Dash: 4.35 seconds
Vertical Leap: 45″ 
Broad Jump: 11’10”
Bench Press 225 lb: 32 reps

– Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (received at 18)
– NCAA Division I Wrestling (10 years of amateur wrestling)
Amateur Jiu Jitsu record: 40-1
MMA record: 13-6

Ethnicity: Brazilian mother/African American father

Strengths: Perfection. He is the total package.
Intensive preparation. Watch tapes, elabore strategies, practice appropriate techniques with his team. 
Weaknesses: His cerebral take-no-chance fighting style can be boring to watch… Lack killer instinct to protect is role model image for the kids.

Comments: WGF is The Chosen One, The Face of the SLAUGHTERSPORT, 

Billed from: parts unknown
Height: 7′
Weight: 410 lbs
Years Pro: 6
Age: 32 
Biceps: 26.8″
Bench Press: 705 lbs 
Punching Power: 2200 psi

– Finished 6th at the Real World’s Strongest Man competition at the age of 25.
– Finished 9th at the Real World’s Strongest Man competition at the age of 26.
– Finished 3rd at the Real World’s Strongest Man competition at the age of 30. 

Style: Street Fighting / Pro Wrestling 

Ethnicity: Caucasian/European

Strengths: Enormous size, strength, and superhuman resistance.
Devastating offense
Weaknesses: No stamina whatsoever. 5 minutes and he is done.

Comments: Oh yeah! The extremely popular The Big Thing! Supreme strength, size, and resistance but no stamina whatsoever. Only ONE punch, kick, clothesline, powerbomb OR chokeslam and the war is over!

Height: 6’9″
Weight: 272 lbs
Years Pro: 8
Age: 29  

Style: Hybrid (Judo/Kickboxing/Boxing)
second degree black belt in Judo
Kickboxing record: 38-0 (36)
Boxing record: 24-0 (21)
MMA record: 18-0 (15 submissions)
Combined Pro record (Women): 80-0 (57 KO – 15 submissions – 8 decisions)

Ethnicity: Caucasian/French Canadian

Strengths: FemDom (Leg Scissors). You submit or you die.
Weaknesses: Boobs. So big that they impede her movements.

Comments: Andromache the Great is big, strong, and agile. And her FemDom leg body scissors is deadly and seem to be impossible to get out of it. If a women can kick any men’s asses, this is her!

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 265 lbs
Years Pro: 6
Years Active: 17
Age: 21

Style: Muay Thai
Titles: Undefeated World Muay Thai Champion
Undefeated Far East Underground Fighting Champion

Ethnicity: Asian

Strengths: Muay Thai champion… Devastating offense… Imprevious to pain
Weaknesses: Refusal to learn grappling and submission.
Instead of finishing his opponent he prefers toying with them. Machismo. Absorb blows for no obvious reasons.

Comments: Simson is the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. Simson is a pure martial artist and is perceived as an invincible warrior. He is Muay Thai! 
The Jobber/Dummy

Country:United KingdomEngland
Height: 6′
Weight: 300 lbs
Years Pro:
Age: 42
Bench Press: 625 lbs

Style: Street Fighting

Ethnicity: Aryan

Strengths: One-punch knock-out punching power… Cement head… Extremely strong

Weaknesses: Lack stamina… One-dimensional brawler… Limited arsenal and unwilling to change.

Comments: Big, fearsome, and strong enough to score a lucky punch knockout on anybody. But his only purpose here is to be a warm-up for our four Combatants and a test for new-comers.

UST vs. jobber BBB
Andromache the Great vs Big Bully Brawler
Andromache makes BBB quit after only 1:07 with her deadly body scissor.

World’s Greatest Fighter vs Big Bully Brawler
WGF bested BBB with a Russian Sambo leg lock in 4:31.

The Big Thing vs Big Bully Brawler
The Big Thing streamrolled BBB in 33 seconds.  The fight goes like this: tackle, stomping, choke slam.

Simson vs Big Bully Brawler
Simson defeated BBB in 21 seconds after a couple of leg kicks.

Visibly in this serie of 4 fights.  Big Bully Brawler wasn’t expected to win and lived to fight another day.

WGF vs. Sergio Bueno

If there were doubt about who will be the leader of Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour,  There is no doubt anymore.

World’s Greatest Fighter owned and destroyed the charismatic Sergio Bueno in 17:41.  It was a pure massacre!  At 4 minutes WGB broke Bueno’s right arm with a Crippler crossface turned into an armbar, then his right shoulder with a Kimura lock.  At 14 minutes, WGF hyperextended the left leg with a Russian Sambo leg lock then broke his left ankle with an Angle lock.  Despite being haplessly and mercilessly destroyed, Bueno foolishly refused to quit.  The match was stopped at 17:41 when Bueno, still caught in the Angle lock was KO.
WGF: 2-0
Bueno: 0-1 

(Saturday, January 25) PPV

The card will take place in Japan since Kamisama is so big and over in his homeland. The only name of Kamisama is enough to sold-out any stadium and arena all over Japan.

Instead of being a one-sided circus freak show with the fat and breathless 52 years old Gotch Bruno and a 8 feet tall 800-pound handicapped. SLAUGHTERSPORT Combatants will instead face tremendous challenges.

Andromache the Great vs Psycho Pat Darkside
The misogynist winner of the first and only SLAUGHTERSPORT Boom Battle in history. Andromache defeated the “mysoginist asshole” as she said in 1:25. by TAP OUT. Andromache spit in his face in the first second of the match… Psycho Pat lost his cool and goes berserk… Andromache capitalized on his lost of control to put him inside her deadly body scissor… Seeing his life going away, Psycho Pat tapped out… The guy who pretends to be the coldest and the smartest just acted like a fool and paid the price for it.
Andromache wins by tapout in 1:25

The Big Thing vs Giant Squasher Sergio “Crank” Bueno
Billed at over 8 ft tall and over 800 pounds,  acromegalic giant 
Sergio Bueno was destroyed by the far bigger and stronger The Big Thing in 1:03 after some punching, a choke-slam, and two power bombs. Bueno is stretchered out suffering of a concussion. 
The Big Thing wins by KO in 1:03

Simson vs Konga Ruopa
In a huge upset, Konga Ruopa KO’d Simson with three consecutives German suplex in 1:35. Usually in bad mood, Konga Ruopa was exalted with joy, jumping around and yelling “I’ve told you so!” It was weird to see him happy!
Konga Ruopa wins by KO in 1:35

World’s Greatest Fighter vs Gotch Bruno Kamisama
An interesting match-up between the 22 years old WGF and the 52 years old retired Gotch Bruno. Bruno is fat, plagued with asthma and always carry his metered dose inhaler on him.
Kamisama is a god in Japan (like his name says) and is rightfully seen as being unbeatable. The future of SLAUGHTERSPORT is certainly at stake in this match.

Another huge upset, WGF dominated, maimed, bloodied, and SUBMITTED the unbeatable hometown hero Kamisama in 17:53.
Previously perceived as a goodie two shoes, WGF used extreme savagery to defeat the fearsome Kamisama. WGF bite his nose off, bite him on his face a couple of time, bite his forearm earlier in the match. Even inserted a finger into his ass! Kamisama taps out when WGF tried to gouge both his eyes out of his head during a couple of time. Kamisama bleed profusely from his bite off nose and his gravely injured eyes. Maybe the proud Kamisama tapped out too late and will lost the use of both his eyes?
WGF wins by tap-out in 17:53

There is no doubt! WGF have a murderous killer instinct and will do anything to win. A necessity to survive in this ultra-violent place.

3-1 for SLAUGHTERSPORT     test succeded

WGF vs. Konga Ruopa

WGF choked out (passed out) Konga Ruopa in 7:09 with a knee on the throat. In a match to determine who’s the best fighter in the world.
WGF: 4-0
Ruopa: 1-1


World’s Greatest Fighter vs. The Big Thing 
WGF destroyed giant muscleman The Big Thing in 5:46 when The Big Thing didn’t answer referee call and was most likely passed out lying on his back.  WGF circled around Big Thing taunting him without throwing a single punch for the first 2:00. Waiting that the Big Thing gas tank run empty then he lumbered his huge left leg with an hundred of kicks.
WGF: 1-0
Big Thing: 0-1

Andromache the Great vs. Simson
Simson KO’d Androche in 4:16 with an elbow to the top of the head of a kneeling Andromache plus a couple of soccer kicks to her head while she was already passed out.  Andromache suffered from a broken right ankle early in the match. She qualified her performance as “a misperformance full of mistakes”.
Simson: 1-0
Andromache: 0-1

Simson vs. The Big Thing
The Big Thing squashed Muay Thai god Simson in 39 seconds with a couple of punches and two chokeslams.
Big Thing: 1-1
Simson: 1-1

WGF vs. Andromache the Great
WGF KO’d Andromache in 21:05 with three consecutive German suplex and a full nelson face drop.
WGF: 2-0
Andromache: 0-2

WGF vs. Simson
WGF KO’d Simson in 7:15 with two consecutive German suplex.
WGF: 3-0
Simson: 1-2

The Big Thing vs. Andromache the Great
The Big Thing destroyed Andromache the Great in 2:53 when he finally (almost) caught her with a punch  a chokeslam and a powerbomb. The Big Thing is so powerful that an (almost) punch he can send you dazed.
Big Thing: 2-1
Andromache: 0-3

WGF: 3-0
Big Thing: 2-1
Simson: 1-2
Andromache: 0-3

Combatants records

WGF: 5-0
Big Thing: 4-1
Simson: 2-3
Andromache: 2-3

All four fighters are flying all over the world in private jet. Every time they get off  the plane in the airport to go to the hotel, there is a limousine waiting for each of them.

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