Victor Delamarre

Notre race canadienne-française, surtout dans nos campagnes, est demeurée
une race robuste et forte, parce qu’elle est une race jeune, frugale,
profondément morale et chrétienne. Dans la région saguenéenne, particulièrement,
il n’est pas rare de rencontrer des hommes doués d’une force physique
” (Source : ” Victor De Lamarre, le roi de l’haltère “, C. de la
Roche, 1924)

Taylor-made for Strength
His corpse was studied by a local university and they found had a spinal width of 4 inches, twice as large as
contemporary strongmen and
that his tendons had
been twice the size of a normal human’s. Thicker tendons from birth means a MUCH
greater strength potential.


Date of Birth: September 24, 1888 
Place of Birth: Lac St. Jean, Quebec 
Date of Passing: March 13, 1955
Height: 5’4″, 5’5″, 5’6″ or 5’8″ depending of the source
Weight: 154 or 178 lbs depending of the source
Sport: Weightlifting 


Lifted world record weight of 309.5 lbs with one hand overhead holding it for 3 seconds.
Lifted 201 pounds with one finger 
Lifted platforms with 60 people weighing 7000 lbs 

Reported to have had 1,500 bouts as a pro wrestler 


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