SLAUGHTERSPORT events + records

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 1 & 2 
All wars results and up-to-date win-loss record for every Combatants.

UST vs. jobber BBB

Andromache the Great vs Big Bully Brawler
Andromache makes BBB quit after only 1:07 with her deadly body scissor.
Andromache: 1-0
BBB: 0-1

World’s Greatest Fighter vs Big Bully Brawler
WGF bested BBB with a Russian Sambo leg lock in 4:31.
WGF: 1-0
BBB: 0-2

The Big Thing vs Big Bully Brawler
The Big Thing streamrolled BBB in 33 seconds.  The fight goes like this: tackle, stomping, choke slam.
Big Thing: 1-0
BBB: 0-3

Simson vs Big Bully Brawler
Simson defeated BBB in 21 seconds after a couple of leg kicks.
Simson: 1-0
BBB: 0-4

Visibly in this serie of 4 fights.  Big Bully Brawler wasn’t expected to win and lived to fight another day.

WGF vs. Sergio Bueno

If there were doubt about who will be the leader of Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour,  There is no doubt anymore.

Greatest Fighter owned and destroyed the charismatic Sergio Bueno in
.  It was a pure massacre!  At 4 minutes WGB broke Bueno’s right
arm with a Crippler crossface turned into an armbar, then his right
shoulder with a Kimura lock.  At 14 minutes, WGF hyperextended the left
leg with a Russian Sambo leg lock then broke his left ankle with an
Angle lock.  Despite being haplessly and mercilessly destroyed, Bueno
foolishly refused to quit.  The match was stopped at 17:41 when Bueno,
still caught in the Angle lock was KO.

WGF: 2-0
Bueno: 0-1 

(Saturday, January 25) PPV

card will take place in Japan since Kamisama is so big and over in his
homeland. The only name of Kamisama is enough to sold-out any stadium
and arena all over Japan.

of being a one-sided circus freak show with the fat and breathless 52
years old Gotch Bruno and a 8 feet tall 800-pound handicapped.
SLAUGHTERSPORT Combatants will instead face tremendous challenges.

Andromache the Great vs Psycho Pat Darkside
misogynist winner of the first and only SLAUGHTERSPORT Boom Battle in
history. Andromache defeated the “mysoginist asshole” as she said in
1:25. by TAP OUT. Andromache spit in his face in the first second of the
match… Psycho Pat lost his cool and goes berserk… Andromache
capitalized on his lost of control to put him inside her deadly body
scissor… Seeing his life going away, Psycho Pat tapped out… The guy
who pretends to be the coldest and the smartest just acted like a fool
and paid the price for it.

Andromache wins by tapout in 1:25
Andromache: 2-0
Psycho Pat: 0-1

The Big Thing vs Giant Squasher Sergio “Crank” Bueno
Billed at over 8 ft tall and over 800 pounds,  acromegalic giant 
Bueno was destroyed by the far bigger and stronger The Big Thing in
1:03 after some punching, a choke-slam, and two power bombs. Bueno is
stretchered out suffering of a concussion. 

The Big Thing wins by KO in 1:03
Big Thing: 2-0
Bueno: 0-2

Simson vs Konga Ruopa
In a huge upset, Konga Ruopa KO’d Simson with three
consecutives German suplex in 1:35. Usually in bad mood, Konga Ruopa was
exalted with joy, jumping around and yelling “I’ve told you so!” It was
weird to see him happy!
Konga Ruopa wins by KO in 1:35

Simson: 1-1
Ruopa: 1-0

World’s Greatest Fighter vs Gotch Bruno Kamisama
interesting match-up between the 22 years old WGF and the 52 years old
retired Gotch Bruno. Bruno is fat, plagued with asthma and always carry
his metered dose inhaler on him

is a god in Japan (like his name says) and is rightfully seen as being
unbeatable. The future of SLAUGHTERSPORT is certainly at stake in this

Another huge upset, WGF dominated, maimed, bloodied, and SUBMITTED the unbeatable hometown hero Kamisama in 17:53.
perceived as a goodie two shoes, WGF used extreme savagery to defeat
the fearsome Kamisama. WGF bite his nose off, bite him on his face a
couple of time, bite his forearm earlier in the match. Even inserted a
finger into his ass! Kamisama taps out when WGF tried to gouge both his
eyes out of his head during a couple of time. Kamisama bleed profusely
from his bite off nose and his gravely injured eyes. Maybe the proud
Kamisama tapped out too late and will lost the use of both his eyes?

WGF wins by tap-out in 17:53

is no doubt! WGF have a murderous killer instinct and will do anything
to win. A necessity to survive in this ultra-violent place.

WGF: 3-0
Kamisama: 0-1

3-1 for SLAUGHTERSPORT     test succeded

WGF vs. Konga Ruopa

WGF choked out (passed out) Konga Ruopa in 7:09 with a knee on the throat. In a match to determine who’s the best fighter in the world.
WGF: 4-0
Ruopa: 1-1


World’s Greatest Fighter vs. The Big Thing 
WGF destroyed giant muscleman The Big Thing in 5:46 when The Big Thing didn’t answer referee call and was most likely passed out lying on his back.  WGF circled around Big Thing taunting him without throwing a single punch for the first 2:00. Waiting that the Big Thing gas tank run empty then he lumbered his huge left leg with an hundred of kicks.
WGF: 1-0
Big Thing: 0-1

Andromache the Great vs. Simson
Simson KO’d Androche in 4:16 with an elbow to the top of the head of a kneeling Andromache plus a couple of soccer kicks to her head while she was already passed out.  Andromache suffered from a broken right ankle early in the match. She qualified her performance as “a misperformance full of mistakes”.
Simson: 1-0
Andromache: 0-1

Simson vs. The Big Thing
The Big Thing squashed Muay Thai god Simson in 39 seconds with a couple of punches and two chokeslams.
Big Thing: 1-1
Simson: 1-1

WGF vs. Andromache the Great
WGF KO’d Andromache in 21:05 with three consecutive German suplex and a full nelson face drop.
WGF: 2-0
Andromache: 0-2

WGF vs. Simson
WGF KO’d Simson in 7:15 with two consecutive German suplex.
WGF: 3-0
Simson: 1-2

The Big Thing vs. Andromache the Great
The Big Thing destroyed Andromache the Great in 2:53 when he finally (almost) caught her with a punch a chokeslam and a powerbomb. The Big Thing is so powerful that an (almost) punch he can send you dazed.
Big Thing: 2-1
Andromache: 0-3

WGF: 3-0
Big Thing: 2-1
Simson: 1-2
Andromache: 0-3 

Combatant Carnage Try-out

Combatant Carnage vs. Big Bully Brawler 
Combatant Carnage KO’d the not so macho Big Bully Brawler in 3:04 in a one-sided destruction. Combatant Carnage lumbered Big Bully left leg then kicked the living hell out of him. A total carnage. The bloodied BBB was assisted back to the dressing suffering from a knee injurie and a huge torn in his pride. BBB’s testicles were injured and he had to have fluid medically sucked out of ‘em.
CC: 1-0
BBB: 0-5

Who’s number 8?

Combatant Carnage vs. Sado Maso
Sado Maso defeats Combatant Carnage in 8:45. After CC submitted while Sado Maso was trying to gouge her eyes out. 
It took a while before Sado Maso caught CC. But when he caught he bloodied her face with his sharpen fingernails and bites her right arm with his rotten teeth.
Unable to catch his opponent, SM received and barely blocked several kicks from CC for the first minutes of the fight. The momentum switched when the clueless SM intentionally bumped on his back. CC make the mistake of moonsaulting him but was received by SM knees.

CC: 1-1
SM: 1-0

Combatant Carnage suffered from a staph infection in her right arm thanks to SM’s bite.

Sado Maso vs. King Kuna
A surprisingly short match, Sado Maso defeats King Kuna by KO in 3:44 with a claw hold, diggin’ his sparp fingernails into King Kuna’s temple era. 

SM: 2-0
KK: 0-1

Kuna suffers from a badly injured left eye courtesy of Sado Maso multiple poking and raking.

Sado Maso vs. Big Bully Brawler
No a fight for the top 8 tournament spot, but nonetheless a match that could be highly entertaining. Sado Maso defeats BBB by submission in 20:20. A long bloody hardcore match with a lot of biting from both side. Sado Maso finally defeats BBB with a splash slam, a moonsault, a somersault, and another moonsault. 
Nonetheless, the 400-pound Sado Maso was bodyslammed twice and Samoan dropped once by BBB during the match.

SM: 3-0
BBB: 0-6

BBB suffers from three fractures in his right hand, several broken ribs, and a lot of bloody scratches and bites all over his body and head. Maybe a couple more stitches to SM’s already impressive collection.

With the 2015 calendar, 9 Pay-Per-View events the last Saturday of the month. 
After 4 months of off-season/training, the annual Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour starts at the end of April with a monthly event til the end of December.

Round 1
April 25 – Rajadamnem Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sado Maso vs. Master Shi Li  Master Shi Li wins by submission against Sado Maso in 7:51. Sado Maso had both eyes punctured and blinded at 27 seconds into the fight. Sado Maso will probably be blind for the rest of his life. 
  • Norman di Sparta vs. The Big Thing  Norman di Sparta defeats The Big Thing by submission in 5:08. The Big Thing quits from exhaustion, as usual. The Big Thing landed just one punch, a right to the body. Norman di Sparta became really careful after receiving it. He was visibly in pain. Afterward, Norman said he never been hit that hard in his entire life.
  • Andromache the Great vs. Konga Ruopa  Andromache the Great defeats Konga Ruopa in 1:32. What an upset! What an humiliating loss for the misogynist Ruopa! The war goes as this. Andromache throws a right high kick… Ruopa feints and does a leg takedown… Andromache does her leg scissor across Ruopa’s head… Ruopa couldn’t do anything and pass out to the leg scissor/neck crank/pussy smothering.
  • Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad vs. Kamisama  Kamisama defeats Mustafa Muhammad by submission in 26:50. A painfully boring war to watch. Kamisama locked Muhammad to the ground in a side headlock for over 20 minutes. Then abruptly finished him with a cross armbreaker. Muhammad immediately tapped out to not get injured. Nobody thought it would take that long for Kamisama to finish Mustafa Muhammad.
  • Simson vs. World’s Greatest Fighter  WGF defeats Simson by KO in 4:58. WGF did a German suplex and finished him with ground & pound, elbows and punches on the dazed Simson. WGF hesitated before pursuing the ground & pound. He seemed confused in his game plan. However, WGF’s performance didn’t seem to be affected by his four months of filming and promoting his movie ‘World’s Greatest Fighter 2‘. Believe it or not, WGF has bitten the penis of Simson through his loincloth. No homo just an undeniable will to win.

Round 2
May 30 – Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK

  • Andromache the Great vs. Master Shi Li  Master Shi Li defeats Andromache the Great by submission in 2:28. When Andromache quits after receiving a finger jab in her left eye. She lost sight in her eye ever since.
  • Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad vs. The Big Thing  Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad defeats and humiliates The Big Thing in 5:15. The one-dimensional Big Thing quits from exhaustion as usual. However the clumsy Big Thing touched the overconfident Muhammad with a kick in the stomach.
  • Kamisama vs. Konga Ruopa  Kamisama defeats Konga Ruopa by KO in 31:21 foot stomping Ruopa’s face til pass out. Ruopa was caught in a body scissor for over twenty minutes. Kamisama re-injured his right eye after an eye gouging. Konga Ruopa suffered from an hyperextended rignt elbow via a cross armbreaker and another broken nose. Kamisama lost sight in his right eye from the gouge.
  • Sado Maso vs. Simson  Sado Maso will be the first ever completely blind combatant in SLAUGHTERSPORT’s history. Simson defeats the blind Sado Maso in 21 seconds with one single right high kick to the side of the head. Sado Maso fell face first to the ground, a couple of second after receiving the high kick. One more concussion for Sado Maso.
  • Norman di Sparta vs. World’s Greatest Fighter  Forget about Gotch Bruno! The winner of this war will be The Best Fighter Of All Time. WGF is the underdog in this war. Nobody see how he can win this one. WGF chokes Norman di Sparta to death in 20:40. WGF bit Norman’s legs several time and his cheek once. After 10 non-stop consecutive German suplex, he caught the giant in a rear naked choke and after a while he broke Norman’s neck choking him to death. WGF handled Norman di Sparta with more ease than everybody thought, including myself.

Round 3
June 27 – Colosseum, Rome, Italy

  • Simson vs. Norman di Sparta  Cancelled since WGF killed Norman.
  • Andromache the Great vs. Sado Maso  Andromache wears an eye patch over her left eye after losing her eye courtesy of a Master Shi Li finger jab. Not sure if the blind Sado Maso, thanks to Master Shi Li once again, will ever fight again.
  • Konga Ruopa vs. The Big Thing  Despite having his elbow badly hyperextended last month, Ruopa didn’t expressed any desire to take time off to heal his injury… The Big Thing destroys Konga Ruopa with a power bomb and a choke slam in 52 seconds. Ruopa make the mistake of trying to grapple with The Big Thing early in the war… Konga Ruopa is stretchered out with a concussion and a career-ending back injury (Spinal Cord Injury and a spinal shock). Ruopa was hospitalized and immediately undergo back and neck surgeries by the SLAUGHTERSPORT medical team. The surgeries were successful. Ruopa is expected to be out for at least six months if his rehabilitation goes well. He should underwent a knee surgery later this year. He was already a physical wreck before entering the UST this year.
  • Kamisama vs. Master Shi Li  Kamisama try to keep the information secret but he lost sight in his right eye. A bad beginning when you have to face eye jabbing expert “The Eyes Collector” Master Shi Li… Kamisama wears a protection mask with googles integrated to protect his remaining eye. It was his only condition to continue competing in this year UST. As he stated: “I love to compete but not to the price of my remaining eye.”… Master Shi Li wins by submission in 1:40 when Kamisama taps out while losing excessive amount of blood following a bite by Master Shi Li to his neck ‘s jugular. Kamisama ran backstage and was rushed to the hospital to stop the deadly hemorrhagia… As we see, Master Shi Li is not only expert at pulling eyes out. He is also expert at sucking the blood out of you!.. Kamisama vowed to never compete again in the SLAUGHTERSPORT stating “This isn’t sport. This is slaughter sport!” Ehhh, that’s the point!
  • Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad vs. World’s Greatest Fighter  WGF defeats Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad in 1:58 by tap out with a triangle choke.

Round 4
July 25 – Stade Olympique, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad vs. Norman di Sparta  No show, since WGF killed Norman di Sparta.
  • Kamisama vs. Sado Maso No show, Sado Maso is blind. Thanks to Master Shi Li.
  • Konga Ruopa vs. World’s Greatest Fighter  Ruopa is out, courtesy of The Big Thing.
  • The Big Thing vs. Master Shi Li  Master Shi Li defeats The Big Thing by submission in 4:40. The Big Thing was clueless and exhausted. Master Shi Li was making fun of his clumsiness.
  • Simson vs. Andromache the Great  Another huge upset! Andromache the Great defeats Simson in 4:14 when Simson fell unconscious in the Fem Dom (body leg scissor).

Round 5
August 29 – Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  • Konga Ruopa vs. Norman di Sparta  Konga Ruopa is out with injuries and Norman di Sparta is dead.
  • The Big Thing vs. Sado Maso  Sado Maso is blind and retired.
  • Kamisama vs. Andromache the Great  Another upset, Andromache the Great defeats Kamisama in 31:04. When she caught Kamisama in her FemDom body leg scissor rendering Kamisama unconscious. Kamisama suffered from a badly popped out left elbow, a broken nose, and two broken ribs courtesy of FemDom. Kamisama was on the receiving end of a one-sided beating during the entire war. 
  • Simson vs. Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad  Simson KTFO of Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad in 2:52 with his Finish combo (two knee to the stomach and one knee to the face).
  • Master Shi Li vs. World’s Greatest Fighter  WGF defeats Master Shi Li in 5:39 by KO. WGF bites off the nose of Master Shi Li then, moments later, headbutting him and ground and pounding him into oblivion.

Round 6
September 26 – Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Master Shi Li vs. Norman di Sparta  Norman di Sparta is dead.
  • Konga Ruopa vs. Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad  Ruopa is out for a long time.
  • World’s Greatest Fighter vs. Sado Maso  SM is blind and retired.
  • Simson vs. Kamisama  Not sure if Kamisama, with a badly popped out left elbow,  gonna be okay for this war! Indeed, Kamisama is off for this month but is expected to return next month.
  • The Big Thing vs. Andromache the Great  Andromache the Great wins in 5:22 after The Big Thing quits from exhaustion, tired of being a defenseless punching bag.

Round 7
October 31 – Guangdong Olympic Stadium, China

  • Sado Maso vs. Norman di Sparta  Norman is dead and Sado Maso is blind. End of the story.
  • Simson vs. Konga Ruopa  Konga Ruopa is on the sideline for the rest of the year. He undergoes several surgeries. All paid for by the SLAUGHTERSPORT.
  • The Big Thing vs. Kamisama  Kamisama is back after two months out of action, suffering a badly popped out elbow. Despite being the underdog, The Big Thing KTFO of Kamisama in 3:47 with only one straight right to the face/head. Kamisama did “the leech” for the entire war til The Big Thing got rid of him and destroy him with one punch.
  • Master Shi Li vs. Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad  Master Shi Li defeats Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad by submission 1:49. Muhammad quits after receiving a double poke in the eyes. However, he wasn’t injured.
  • World’s Greatest Fighter vs. Andromache the Great  WGF defeats Andromache the Great in 1:50 by KO. A stand-up fight til Andromache got KO’d by a couple of punches to the jaw. Then finished on the ground by some hammer punches and a knee drop to her face. He hesitated before finishing her on the ground. Maybe some problem with his initial strategy? 

Round 8
November 28 – Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Norman di Sparta vs. Andromache the Great  Norman was killed on the Battlefield.
  • Sado Maso vs. Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad  Sado Maso is blind and retired courtesy of Master Shi Li.
  • Master Shi Li vs. Konga Ruopa  Ruopa is out with multiple injuries.
  • Simson vs. The Big Thing  The Big Thing squashes Simson in 47 seconds with a choke slam and a power bomb. Simson is stretchered out with a concussion and a temporary paralysis.
  • World’s Greatest Fighter vs. Kamisama  WGF defeats Kamisama by submission in 3:30 by hand smothering.

Round 9
December 26 – Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

  • Norman di Sparta vs. Kamisama  Norman is dead. Kamisama won’t have the opportunity to fight in front of his people.
  • Sado Maso vs. Konga Ruopa  Sado Maso is blind and Ruopa is out.
  • Simson vs. Master Shi Li  Simson defeats Master Shi Li in 6:01 by KO. Simson KO’d Master Shi Li with his trademark “Rising Uppercut” who send the 125-pound Master Shi Li flying through the air before crashing down on the ground. Then finished him with two foot stomp to the face, rebreaking his nose.
  • Andromache the Great vs. Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad  Andromache the Great defeats Mustafa Muhammad by  tap-out in 3:24. Andromache the Great looked knockout by punches but she had enough left to catch Mustafa Muhammad in her dreaded FemDom body scissors.
  • World’s Greatest Fighter vs. The Big Thing  WGF defeats The Big Thing in 5:51 by verbal submission. The Big Thing quits after being out of gas and receiving a side kick on the wind pipe.
“The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon is officially and undisputedly recognized as “The Best Fighter In The World“, one of the greatest fighter of all time, and is $50,000,000 tax-free richer.

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 2 
The Combatants records

World’s Greatest Fighter  7-0
Master Shi Li  5-2
Andromache the Great  5-2
Simson 3-3
Kamisama  3-3
The Big Thing  3-5
Norman di Sparta  1-1
Mustafa Muhammad  1-4
Sado Maso  0-2
Konga Ruopa  0-3

Injury & Death Toll

Norman di Sparta killed by World’s Greatest Fighter (miss 7 events)
Sado Maso injured (blinded with two eyes off) by Master Shi Li (miss 7 events)
Konga Ruopa injured by The Big Thing (miss 6 events)
Kamisama injured by Andromache the Great (miss 1 event)

With the death of Norman di Sparta and the injuries, only 26 of the 45 wars scheduled took place.

Master Shi Li‘s Eyes Collection

  • Sado Maso (2 eyes)
  • Andromache the Great (1 eye, left)


Combatants records

WGF: 14-0
Master Shi Li: 5-2
Andromache: 7-5
Big Thing: 7-6
Simson: 5-6
Kamisama: 3-4

SM: 3-2
Norman di Sparta: 1-1
Konga Ruopa: 1-4
Mustafa Muhammad: 1-4

CC: 1-1
Psycho Pat: 0-1
King Kuna: 0-1
Sergio Bueno: 0-2
BBB: 0-6

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