Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Championship

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Pre-match analysis

Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Championship
The real TNA World Champion A.J. Styles (224 lbs) vs. Dixie Carter’s World Champion Magnus (245 lbs)
A no-disqualification match… The match turned into a big bullshit! Starting with EC3 and Rockstar Spud attacking A.J. Styles.  Then Sting came to Styles rescue… Why not call this crap a tag-team match?  Bromans and DJ Zima attacked Sting and Styles…. What a fuckin’ joke!  It could have been a great match!!!  Then Kazarian and Daniels attacked Styles… The referee Earl Hepner is reluctant to make the count… Millionaire MILF Dixie Carter sends Hepner’s son to be the new ref of the “match”… If we can call this shit a match!!!  Despite being almost 10-on-1 Magnus is in trouble???  This is ridiculous!  Styles controls the match??? Til Bobby Roode sneak-attacks him…  Millionaire MILF sends another ref in the ring to make the 1-2-3 count.

EC3, Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, DJ Zema Ion, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, Bobby Roodes, and Magnus pinned A.J. Styles & Sting after three referees changes.  In other word, it was a pointless and stupid 9-on-2 Handicap match!!!

Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus

Result of this fiasco: A.J. Styles (free agent) looked like superman while TNA’s top dog Magnus looked like a worthless unskilled chump…  And what should have been the event of a lifetime looked like a cheap vaudeville…

Look at this week: TNA iMPACT Wrestling results

FYI, this shit was filmed a month ago…

We are miles aways from the WWE Undisputed Unification match between Orton and Cena.

One more proof that TNA is a dirt cheap WWE wannabe.


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