WWE Main Event results

WWE Main Event results
Wednesday, January 8, 2014:

WWE Main Event 
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The Real Americans vs. R Truth & Xavier Woods
 Antonio Cesaro pinned Xavier Woods thankx to the distraction of Fandango and his music.  One of the rare Real Americans wins.  Almost as rare as 3MB wins!

Some talk about the major announcement who will revolutionize the sport entertainment / pro wrestling industry.

Batista return promo

Alberto Del Rio vs. jobber Justin Gabriel
ADR defeated Gabriel.  A very predictible win for Del Rio.
ADR lambasts Batista after his match.

Raw rebound

WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. 3MB
Goldust & Cody Rhodes wins against the goofy jobbers 3MB. 

Divas Champion AJ Lee (w/ Tamina Snuka) vs. Kaitlyn
AJ Lee pinned Kaitlyn. AJ Lee played some mind games with her former BFF Kaitlyn.  Like hugging her after the match just to get her superkicked by her bodyguard Tamina.  

It was the last match of Kaitlyn in the WWE.  She apparently decides to quit the WWE by herself.

AJ Lee BFF Kaitlyn


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