TNA iMPACT Wrestling results

TNA iMPACT Wrestling results
Thursday, January 9, 2014: TNA iMPACT Wrestling (full footage) on:

Millionaire MILF Dixie Carter invites the so-called real champion A.J. Styles to sign the one-night only contract for the Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Championship match versus Magnus.  A no disqualification match, which mean bullshit for A.J. Styles and us all…  The so-called paper champion Magnus come to the ring doing some blah, blah, blah to A.J. Stylez for the tonight match… A.J. Styles blah, blah, blah.

Read the following for the recent history of the World Championship situation in TNA and the two wrestlers claiming the same title, A.J. Styles and Magnus.

Who is the real TNA World Champion? We will get our answer tonight. 

TNA Genesis next Thursday free and live on Spike. (

TNA Tag Team Champion Bromans (Robbie & Jessie) vs. Eric Young & Joseph Parks
Bromans double teamed Joseph Parks and wins the match after Eric Young leaves the match to help his wife ODB who was beaten down by Lei’D Tapa & Gail Kim backstage.

Samoa Joe threatening the boss Dixie Carter backstage to not screw over A.J.’s championship match tonight. 

Gunner and James Storm blah, blah, blah in the middle of the ring. They gonna fight tonight for Gunner’s Championship match briefcase.  Gunner have nothing to win and everything to lose in this match.

EC3 vs. Samoa Joe
EC3 sneak-attacks Samoa Joe backstage before the match… Rockstar Spud distracts Joe while EC3 attacks Joe with a metal tool.

Eric Young is knocked out backstage, Joseph Parks is at the hospital… And Sting goes berserk on Dixie Carter.

Kurt Angle Open Challenge Steel Cage Match
Bobby Roodes accepts the challenge, no in fact he is there to introduce Angle’s opponents Kazarian and Christopher Daniels??? An 2-on-1 handicap match?  What the fuck?
Steel Cage 2-on-1 Steel Cage match: Kurt Angle vs. Bad Influence
Why not a 3-on-1, a 4-on-1 or a 5-on-1… loll.. Ridiculous!  It is not even a 2-on-1 tag team match. It is 2 at the same time in the cage manhandling or at least trying to manhandling Kurt Angle… Kurt Angle actually defeat 1-2-3 fare and square the two goofs. lol

Dixie Carter announces to Bobby Roodes that he will face Sting tonight in a Steel Cage.  Bobby Roodes is panicked

Al Snow telling Kurt Angle that he got an emergency and that he had to go.  Still in his wrestling gear, Kurt Angle leaves the arena in Al Snow’s car.

Steel Cage Match: Sting vs. Bobby Roodes
Love him or not, Sting is still in fantastic shape for a 54 years old man.
Bobby Roodes wins leaving the cage by the door. Thankx to EC3 and Rockstar Scrub assistance. 

Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson pointless blah, blah, blah at the funeral home.

Dixie Carter threatening Sting with his contract resigning if he interferes in the tonight TNA world championship match.

Finally the Main Event.  Look at what was supposed to be the most important match in TNA history.

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