Rich Piana

“At the age of 11 ts when I decided that I was going to become the real life HEMAN!” — Rich Piana 

Mr California NPC Bodybuilding Champion Rich Piana

In Season 2 of the Leaving Humanity Behind Video Series featuring SUPERMUTANT Rich Piana. We take a more in-depth look into the lifestyle and training style of Mr California. In this episode we learn how Rich built is massive 23″ arms! Episode #1 of 6

As seen on tv, Rich Piana is rich, athletic, proficient in MMA, and most of all, he is full of gigantic muscles everywhere.  And he sure can kick the hell out of you!

Mr. California & NPC Champion

Name: Rich Piana
Nickname: Mr. California
Residence: Northridge, California, USA
Height: 6’0″ (183 cm)
Contest Weight: 250 – 260 lbs. (113 kg – 118 kg)
Off-Season Weight: 280 – 290 lbs. (127 kg – 132 kg)

Mr. California Rich Piana, an actor from Northridge, California, who has appeared in several TV commercials and movies, has signed with MUTANT. This 290 lb Strenght Fighter has been training since he was 11 years old. His most recent bodybuilding competition was the 2011 NPC National Championships.

2011 NPC National Championships (Super Heavyweight) 11th place 2009
2009 NPC Border States Classic (Super Heavyweight and Overall) 1st place
2009 NPC Sacramento Championships (Super Heavyweight) 1st place
2004 NPC National Championships (Super Heavyweight) 6th place
2003 NPC USA Championships (Super Heavyweight) 11th place
2003 NPC Los Angeles Championships (Super Heavyweight) 1st place
1999 NPC USA Championships (Super Heavyweight) 7th place
1999 NPC Orange County Championships (Super Heavyweight and Overall) 1st place
1989 NPC California Championships (Teenage and Overall) 1st place

Before                                           After

Rich Piana lifestyle of the Rich and famous. Rich shows off his wealth

Fine to see a successful individual at every level.

Rich Piana explains how He Makes Money

MUTANT sponsored bodybuilder explains how he has gone on to be financially successful both inside and outside the world of bodybuilding.

“What ever your hopes, goals and dreams are never give up and every day do a little more to accomplish.”   — Rich Piana

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