Choose Your Ideal Physique (Female)

Interesting body chart in the What Do You Want To Look Like? in the Choose Your Goal Physique section of BodySpace from

That’s for a 5 feet 7 inches tall woman.  For a 5’6″ woman you substract approximatively two pounds.  No matter your height, the fat percentage stays the same for each choosen physique.

My favorite woman’s physique is the Swimsuit physique.

Fashion Model
On point. Your stomach is flat, your abs are shy but starting to show, and you radiate power from the catwalk to the supermarket. This look is about confidence. It requires intimate dedication to physical detail. Every inch of you is toned, trim, and tight. If you have the raw materials, you can sculpt this body.
Weight: 122.4 Lbs Body Fat: 20%


Bikinis are designed for this body. You’ve got curves in the right places, you’re soft but slim, and your stomach is flat without being shredded. You’re healthy, hot, and you train to maintain a beach-ready body. Work out regularly to build muscle, eat clean to stay toned, and soon you’ll want to hit on yourself at the pool. Say yes.
Weight: 129 Lbs Body Fat: 18%

Fit Woman
This body is the byproduct of daily dedication to meal plans and workouts. You transformed to this sublime state, and now the needle is pegged at H for “Hot.” Your curves don’t jiggle and the outline of your abs is clear. Everything about you is slim and trim. Every woman needs this; every man wants this. Get ready for some fan mail.
Weight: 130.2 Lbs Body Fat: 16%

Fitness Model
At this body-fat percentage, fitness is your life. You have a picture of Jamie Eason on your fridge, and every Sunday that fridge fills with Tupperware®. There’s only one word for your physique: perfect. Strangers ask you how to fix “problem areas” because you don’t have any. Your nutrition is a science and you never miss a workout. It’s worth it.
Weight: 137.5 Lbs Body Fat: 13%

This is Woman 2.0. Your curves are there, no doubt about it, but they’re overlaid with some serious muscle built by late nights and long years in the gym. Guys glare when you don’t unrack your plates; after all, they’re heavy. You look dangerous, powerful, and confidence is your weapon. If haters don’t like your look, they can kiss your striated glutes.
Weight: 144.7 Lbs Body Fat: 9%

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