Choose Your Ideal Physique (Male)

Interesting body chart in the What Do You Want To Look Like? in the Choose Your Goal Physique section of BodySpace from

The below goal physiques are based on a 6 feet 1 inches tall male (myself).  Optimal weight may vary because of your height but the fat percentage always stay the same.

Bigger is better and stronger means everything. You don’t have the look of a toned bodybuilder, and you don’t want it. Cutting? Forget it. You eat big to lift big. You muscle is dense and powerful, built by years of heavy training. You want to push tires and lift cars? Train hard, lift heavy, and don’t let anything get in your way.
Weight: 293.5 Lbs Body Fat: 18%

Pro Bodybuilder
Bigger wasn’t big enough, so you became the biggest. You’re beyond lean, larger than life, and your muscles have muscles. What describes your physique? Garden-hose veins, cheese-grater striations, and superhero-worthy size. When you step on stage, you own the stage. You are the epitome of bodybuilding.
Weight: 265.7 Lbs Body Fat: 4%

The gym is your second home, and it shows. Every surface muscle is chiseled, visible, and pumped. Anatomy charts are made from your physique. This body takes years of training, dedication, proper nutrition, and support. Bodybuilding isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. You want it? Make it your life.
Weight: 220.5 Lbs Body Fat: 6%


This body is built with plyometrics, high-intensity training, and weightlifting. It’s about power, speed, and agility. You want to look good, but performing well is equally important. You’re packing a lot of muscle from years in the gym, but drills keep you lean, mean, and explosive. People see you and instantly think, “Athlete.”
Weight: 197.1 Lbs Body Fat: 11%

Male Model
Your upper abs are visible; your lower belly is flat. Your muscle is defined, not striated. You’re in shape, but you aren’t shredded to the bone. Your body is gym-built with a mainstream appeal. Softer but photo-ready, this look is at home on the beach. Feeling good is looking good, and you do both.
Weight: 186.2 Lbs Body Fat: 8%

Skinny Ripped
Definition? Check. Striations? Of course. Six-pack? You know it. Your veins pop, every surface muscle is shredded and separated, and your abs tell a story of hard work and sacrifice. Why wear a shirt? Women want you and men want to be you, even if they can’t admit it. This is ripped.
Weight: 176.1 Lbs Body Fat: 7.5%

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  1. hy sorry but im not of the same opinion a normal Bodybuilder can get up to 250 with ease a so called male model is not of existence out of USA and really? every Girl wants a skinny guy why should she ? why should anyone want to be a Junkie looking guy ? bye

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