WWE Smackdown July 5, 2013 full video + review

Go to the following link to watch WWE Smackdown July 5, 2013 full video.

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The show start with CM Junk.  BEURK!
CM Junk bragging about how much he is a rebel and a free-thinker…  Blablablabla…
Fortunately, Alberto Del Rio came out to interrupt his crappy speech to give a crappy anti-USA speech of his own…  zzzzz   The crowd goes wild for every shit that CM Junk says…  Oups!  The hundred years old gangsta man Teddy Long announced the main event for tonight.  Del Rio vs Junk.  What a surprise!

The fuckin’ Usos piece of shit vs Team Rhodes Scholar
The Usos jobbers easily defeated Team Scholar to be seen as serious challengers for their tag team championship match against The Shield.  The Shield appearing on the big screen bragging about victories at Money In The Bank.

Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn
Alicia Fox pinned Kaitlyn thankx to AJ Lee distraction.

No not another vignette of the creepy Wyatt Family.

Randy Orton vs. Christian
Skip forward, it’s boring!  Randy Orton won with a RKO!  Yes sir!  Goodnight Christian!

Dolph Ziggler vs. 3MB Drew McIntyre
Oh no!..  Not a fuckin’ Dolph Ziggler monologue  zzzzzz  Cryin’ about his fuckin’ concussion…  Lambasting Alberto Del Rio…  And plugging this fuckin’ Money In The Bank…  Oh yes!  My favorite jobbers, the 3MB are ready for an ass whoppin’.
A predictible victory for Dolph Ziggler over bogus rockstar Drew McIntyre.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel
You can say in advance that Fandango will win.  And it didn’t take long before Faaaaaaaaandaaaaaaaaaaaaaangooooooooooooooo wins.

Weird world of wrestling.  The monster heel Ryback struggled to defeat and was “injured” by Justin Gabriel.  Then we see ballroom dancer Fandango squashing Justin Gabriel in no time??? 
Lesson: Monster heel aren’t supposed to be injured by jobber.  Would you ever imagine Andre The Giant getting injured and struggling against Sivi Afi?!  No way, not even in a thousand years!  There is no more logic in wrestling since this fuckin’ soap opera writers (no joke) took over the wrestling world.

CM Junk vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio.  With Walrus Heywoman on the comments table next to JBL and his presidential haircut and everlasting stupid smile on his face.
Skip forward!  Boring match!  The best part of the match was when ADR attacked the big fat Walrus.  CM Junk goes berserk seeing ADR hurting his girlfriend Walrus and brawled his way to a double count out with ADR.  The match is declared a no-contest.

My Smackdown verdict: Boring!  Not even worth watching.

This boredom nonetheless obtained 2 833 000 spectators.

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