TNA Impact Wrestling July 4, 2013 LIVE video

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Thing start for the worse with a fuckin’ speech from the vanilla midget Austin Aries.  The same fuckhead who scrapped the Suicide gimmick and persona last week.  Old Hogan came to the ring for more blablabla with shithead Austin Aries.  Aries really look like a midget piece of crap comparing to Hulk Hogan.  Suicide is renamed Manik (the real wrestling name of T.J. Perkins) and Chris “I was in rehab for 2 years because of my torn knee ligament… Whinning” Sabin.  That’s the tonight X-division midget wrestling match.

A.J. Styles vs. Kazarian
Kaz and Christopher Daniels disguised as Las Vegas gay duo Siegfried & Roy, looking like goof as usual. A.J. Styles won by submission.  No surprise here!

“Hardcore Country” Mickie James is bragging in the ring with a ladder on her side.  I would go hardcore on her anytime, anywhere she want!

Al Snow, Pritchard, and Danny Davis are arguing about the Gutcheck winner of this week.  The evident choice for me was the huge muscleman Adam Ohriner way over the skinny glam rocker Ryan Howe.  But not these three fuckheads eliminated the big bodybuilder and kept the skinny glam rock kid.  I’m not the only one to think it’s crap.  Since the crowd loudly booed this insane choice.

Hernandez vs Jay Bradley
Hernandez defeated the jobber-looking Jay Bradley.  In the same way Ryan Howe was eliminated tonight.  TNA’s eliminated Christian York to keep the creepy Jay Bradley???  Weird world of wrestling!

World Tag Team Champions James Storm & Gunner vs. Bros Mans
Gunner and the “Cow Boy” James Storm defeated the douchebag duo of Robbie E and Jessie Godderz (w/ super fuckable cougar Tara).  Excellent tag team match, really entertaining.
By the way Christie Amy looks fuckin’ hot tonight!

The Main Event Mafia (TNA Hall Of Famer Sting & Kurt Angle) introducing Samoa Joe as the third Main Event Mafia member.  Boring Samoa Joe speech.  zzzz  Faggot Magnus is introduced as the fourth member of The Main Event Mafia???  Was the Main Event Mafia members supposed to be all former TNA World Champion???  More boring blablabla…

Jeff Hardy workout program?

Jeff Hardy vs. Joseph Parks
I hate this fuckin’ big fat piece of shit that Joseph Parks is.  Jeff Hardy struggled against the fat sweaty lawyer!?!  After dominating Jeff Hardy, one of the best in the business, for the entire match.  Parks goes bersherk seeing a couple of drop of his own blood, and attacked the referee and was disqualified.  Jeff Hardy won by DQ.
Translate this crap in the real world.  Imagine a fat untrained lawyer entering boxing or MMA and upsetting the best in the business with only a couple of months of training!?!

The three Gutwreck challenge fuckheads are in the ring.  TNA announcer Jeremy Borrasch asked scrawny glam rocker Ryan Howe if they saw the very best of him last week.  He proudly said “YES”?!?  For those who saw the last week squash match, glam rocker Ryan Howe was Adam Ohriner’s human punching bag!!  So being defenseless and offenseless is the best he can do? 
The crowd booed him LOUDLY!!!  The answer is “NO” and the crowd loved it!  Ryan Howe will return sucking cocks on the Sunset Strip!  Sorry Ryan!

X-Division Championship match: Midget Wrestling Champion Austin Aires vs. Chris “I was injured for 2 years” Sabin vs. Manik AKA Suicide AKA T.J. Perkins
I just hope that Aces & Eights will come crashing the party. 
The 180-pound pirouette festival is started…  Knox from Aces and Eights powerbombed Manik outside of the ring.  Manik is stretchered out of the match…  The Lame Event Muffia 4 vs. 7, but Aces and Eights backed off anyway…  Old man Stink stayed on the ring apron during the match?  Why did the referee tolerated that?.. 
Chris “I’m returning from a 2 year injuries.  So I’m a hero” Sabin pinned Austin Aries.  WTF?  Nonetheless, a very entertaining, worth-watching, action-packed match.

Chris “I’ve got an ACL crippled knee” Sabin is now the new X-Division Champion and the number 1 challenger for Bully Ray TNA World Championship belt.

Final note:  TNA Impact was a thousand time more fun to watch than the painfully boring WWE Suckdown of this week.  Even if I have a negative prejudice against cruiserweight wrestlers.  I can tell you that this X-Division guys are a lot more interesting to watch than boring WWE rest hold specialists like CM Junk and Randy Orton. 


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