Sting joining WWE

Sting joining WWE rumors fluctuated since Sting was celebrated/mentioned among the greatest WWF/WWE & NWA/WCW World Champion of all-time on the last WWE Raw July 1, 2013 episode?!?  

No big deal there!  Hulk Hogan name was also mentioned/celebrated and there is no chance that Hulk Hogan leaves TNA Wrestling to join WWE.   Since Hulk Hogan and his buddy Eric Bischoff are heavily involved in TNA Wrestling’s direction.

Coming back to the Sting case.  Sting is 54 years old, he is fully involved with the reborn of the Main Event Mafia angle and he is probably financially fit for the rest of his life.  So why Sting would put all that aside and leave TNA Wrestling for an unknown territory, WWE?  It would be comparable to The Undertaker leaving WWE Universe to join TNA Wrestling!  It just doesn’t make sense!

Sting is loyal.  Sting is a franchise player.  Sting was The Franchise of WCW.  Despite numerous WWE attempts, Sting never signed a contract with WWE.  In WWE publications, Sting has been named as both the greatest superstar in WCW history, and the greatest superstar never to perform in WWE. WWE wrote: “There is no doubt that if Sting had ever decided to ply his trade for Mr. McMahon, the results would have been phenomenal. Because of his immense success throughout the industry, The Stinger would have been a great fit for the pageantry and spectacle of WWE.” 

Sting most likely than not, vows the same kind of loyalty to TNA Wrestling.  In return, TNA Wrestling shown their appreciation by inducting Sting in the TNA Hall Of Fame (Class of 2012).  Making him the first ever inductee.

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