UFC 20th anniversary

I can tell you that things changed for the worse.

Twenty years ago, it was the first ever
UFC.  UFC was The Big Thing.  No rules, no gloves, no shoes, no rounds,
no time-limit, no weight categories, no drug testing, nothing stupid and
crappy.  Just two warriors colliding in the Octagon.  It was fighting
at his purest form.  It was great!

3 ways to win 
– KO
– Submission
– Death 

In an 8-man elimination 1-night tournament
So to win the UFC Championship, the 6’1″, 175-lb Royce Gracie needed to
outlast 3 bigger and stronger fighters in order to get the title.  

Fighting 3 times in the same night!!

Todays UFC fighters hardly fought three times a year!!!

Royce Gracie won 3 UFC Championships that way.

Royce Gracie’s standard of excellence will never be equalled.


Royce Gracie 3-time UFC champion (UFC 1, 2 &4)
UFC record: 11-0


Watch the first UFC clicking the following link

Some faggots said that the first original UFC were bad.  That it wasn’t a pure sport at the beginning????  What is purest than a no rules fight??  You can’t get any purest sport than this!  This is martial arts, buddy!  This is combat sport!   

Now the UFC is pure faggotry.  Thankx to senile shithead John McGay.  Maybe todays fighters are better prepared now.  But what was the most natural form of combat sport (anything goes) have become a silly overuled sport.  Pointless weight classes??  Rounds??  Stand-up rules??  Judge decision??  Dress code??  Drug testing???  Unfrequent matches???  Everything is lame and uniform.  Every fighter looks the same.  UFC fighters are all identical clones with identical look, identical physique and identical fighting style.  BOOOORING!!!

No need to say that I don’t give a fuck anymore about the UFC.  Pride and K-1 were the only survivors of the great tradition of Combat Sport/Martial Art.  But where are they today?  To they still exist??  Isn’t the UFC monopoly that strangeled them into death??

BUT at least today, 20 years later, UFC is a well-oiled mainstream lucrative business generating several millions of dollars at each of his events.  Nonetheless, I prefer his underground roots.  A lot better, no fuckin’ rules, more entertaining, a greater diversity of fighters (look, style, physique, etc).

One thought on “UFC 20th anniversary

  1. hy your totally right about ufc becoming a Money industry but look at rio heroes and so called street fights on you tube or bouncers doing theyr Job you got good english guys i didnt watch ufc since about ufc 20 or so

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