Tom Platz legs


For those like me who believed that Tom Platz’s legs were naturally huge. 
Think again.
Tom Platz trademark has always been his freaky huge and developed legs.  His legs are so freaky big that it look like a photoshop work!  He was appropriately nicknamed “Quadzilla”.
“The God Of Legs” Tom Platz is also known as a God of the Squat lift. 
His leg training was all about high intensity, hig reps, and high weights.

Tom Platz dwafing Lou Ferrigno
not in height but in leg development.
“Platz became famous for his remarkable leg development. He developed a high intensity, high volume method of leg training, which led to his unparalleled size and definition for his time. Regardless of what was found lacking elsewhere, it is still widely claimed in bodybuilding circles that Platz holds the mark for the best legs in bodybuilding of his time and some of the best legs in bodybuilding ever. Flex readers agree: In a “best bodyparts of the 20th century” poll, Platz was deemed to have the best quads and hamstrings of all time.” wiki
TOM PLATZ measurements
3rd in the 1981 Mr.Olympia
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 230 lbs
Leg size: 31″

Tom Platz Dave Draper squatting ass-to-floor deep.
The only way to go!

Tom Platz squatted 225 pounds for more than 100 reps in 10 minutes.
350 pounds for 52 reps

Squat 405 pounds for 30+ reps
Squat 600 pounds for 15 reps
635 pounds for 8 reps
Only did Squat twice a month.  Once every 14 days!
Squat 500 pounds for 23 reps
Squat 765 pounds one-rep max
Frequency– 2 sessions a month
Once a month 405 pounds for 30+ reps
Once a month 600 for 15 reps

135 for 10 reps
225 for 10 reps
315 for 10 reps
405 for 10 reps
405 for 30+  reps or 600 for 15 reps

Tom Platz 500lb 227.5kg squat for 23 reps  

An unbelievable feat of strength for such a “small” man. He does 23 deep squat reps with 500 pounds easily!!!

plus cycling 20 miles back home…
That’s the other version of Tom Platz leg training routine.

In the Joe Weider and Bill Reynolds ‘s book “The Weider System of Bodybuilding”, Tom Platz was billed as doing 20 reps Squat with 600 pounds (273 kg) and 10 reps with 700 pounds (318 kg).But just like in pro wrestling, Weider was notorious for exaggerating the exploits of his bodybuilders to make them look like superheros.

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