Dr Squat Fred Hatfield vs Tom Platz

Dr Squat Fred Hatfield vs Tom Platz Squat Challenge

In 1993, Tom Platz – the bodybuilder with the freakiest legs of all time – and “Mr. Squat” Fred Hatfield – the first guy to ever squat 1,000 pounds – goes head-to-head in a Squat contest.  The ultimate clash of titans!

Squat Dream Match
5’6″                        5’8″
  198 lbs                    198 lbs
51 years old            38 years old
Powerlifter               Bodybuilder

* Don’t think for one second that Fred Hatfield was past his prime at age 51.  At 45 years old, Fred Hatfield set a squat world record by lifting 1014 pounds in the 110 kg weight class. 
* Tom Platz was the 1981 Mr. Olympia 3rd. 

With his much bigger legs, Tom Platz managed to squat 765 pounds in the one-rep max squat.  However world class powerlifter Fred Hatfield defeated him with a 855 pounds squat.

In the max reps squat, with a colossal weight of 525 pounds (495-525 lbs depending of the source), tree-trunks legged bodybuilder Tom Platz managed to do 23 ass-to-floor reps with relative ease.  The powerful Hatfield “only” managed to squeeze 11 reps.

Tom Platz: 23 Reps @ ~ 525lb / 238kg Squat

Tom Platz 23 rep squat extravaganza during a competition with Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat) at FIBO in Germany around 1993 – At which time Fred Hatfield may have been 51 years of age – awesome retention of fitness and drive.

There are several different versions of the event:

“The Golden Eagle (Tom Platz) got beat soundly (600 to 840) in maximum weight lifted. Both men weighed in at 198 pounds.”

“On the flip side, when it came time for the reps contest, Dr.Squat got his butt whipped. The Golden Eagle performed 23 reps with 525 pounds to Dr.Squat’s 11 reps.”

And the exact numbers may never be known – except for the 23 reps seen here.

When these videos first appeared many years back, 500lb was always quoted. But now the range varies dependant upon source e.g. 505lb, 525lb, 539lb, even 590lb.

Similarly where the opening quote says:
(1) Tom Platz went down 600lb to Fred Hatfields 840lb max squat. It has been stated elsewhere that it was in fact 765lb to 855lb.
(2) Where it states Fred Hatfield stopped at 11 reps in the lighter squats, the number discussed reaches 13.

Tom Platz Leg Workout

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