Robert Forstemann thighs quads

Robert Förstemann, 26, men’s sprint cyclist, Germany
5’9”, 198lbs
 28 INCH thighs cyclist measured
But rumored to be from 34 to 36 inches around

73 cm thigh here (28 3/4 inches)

“freakishly large vein-laden muscles”

London 2012 Olympics: German cyclists Andre Greipel (left) and biker Robert Forstermann (right) compare tree-trunk monster thighs. 

Nicknamed “Mr. Thigh” for his giant quads and thick thighs

Robert Förstemann double squat 572 pounds at a bodyweight of 200 lbs.

Robert Forsteman ‘s huge quads came from heavy ass-to-floor squatting and intense cycling.

Robert Förstemann is on the German Olympic team for cycling.

Gay men and women will appreciate this one!

In order on the podium: Germany’s Stefan Nimke, Robert Forstemann, and Maximillian Levy

Even Bigger Legs!!!
Bigger than Robert Forstemann!!!

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