TNA iMPACT Wrestling review

Thursday, January 30, 2014: TNA iMPACT Wrestling

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Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Sting is out! Bon debarras! But I’m pretty sure that like the undesirable shit nugget that always float on top of the toilet bowl water no matter how many time you flush the toilet! Sting will be back!

The show starts with Magnus… EC3 is dress like an 80s Miami Vice jerk… Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe storm the ring chasing the crap (Magnus, Spud, EC3) away… More boring blah, blah, blah… zzz

Lady Tapa & Gail Kim vs The Boner Team of Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne
The Beautiful People are victorious… Chris Sabin come to argue with Velvet Sky… They are done!

Gunner & James Storm in-ring blah, blah, blah…  Both are family men with children… Reconciliation between the two bearded men… Then Bad Influence for some more pointless blah, blah, blah…
James Storm & Gunner vs. Bad Influence
Gunner & Storm are victorious.

Dixie Carter is hysterical backstage waiting for the mystery TNA investor (fool).

Samoa Joe’s gonna kill you!

Idem Dixie Carter crap… Add Bobby Roodes to the mix…

“Scientist” Eric Young, ODB and Abyss backstage.

Rockstar Scrub backstage shit…  Too much of this backstage segments shit!!!

Rockstar Scum interrogating two jerks in suits in the fuckin’ ring… Who’s the investor?  The two jerks kicks the shit out of Rockstar Scum. Finally something fun…

TNA Tag Champion Bromance vs. Eric Young & Abyss
The monster Abyss attacks the referee and his tag team partner Eric Young… LOL 🙂
Eric Young vs. Abyss in a “Monster Ball” match next week.

An unknown jabroni is obsessed by Christi Hemme…

Bully Ray with a casket rolling around the ring… In-ring Bully Ray monologue… Mr. Anderson beats up Bully Ray…

Cyborg Kurt Angle…

Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe vs. TNA chump Magnus & EC3
No outside interference tolerated, a good thing for a change… Magnus taps out to Samoa Joe Kokina clutch… Dixie is almost crying…

The penniless MVP is the investor… LOL 🙂
Nice to see that the WWE doesn’t hold the right over his name and gimmick.

One word to describe this week TNA: painful

TNA reached new lows…

MVP is the new TNA investor… LOL What a bunch of crap!!!


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