TNA iMPACT Wrestling July 25, 2013 video

TNA iMPACT Wrestling July 25, 2013 video

TNA iMPACT Wrestling – 7/25/13 Full Show HQ

BEURK!  It’s start with the Main Event Fagia blah blah blah introducing the new piece of crap vanilla midget Chris “My knee hurts” Sabin.  Why I’m I watching this crap????  This so called wrestling world “heavyweight” champion looks like your local pizza delievery boy…  Oups!  Bully Ray with his Kevin Nash looking attorney suing TNA Wrestling if the title didn’t return to Bully Ray by the end of the program.  I can smell Joseph Parks ‘s crap here!

Who will be the next X-Division champion?  I DON’T GIVE A FUUUCK!!!

The Ultimate X-Match for the X-Division title
Sonjay Ray vs. Manik (Suicide) vs. Greg Marasciulo (Trent Barreta from The Dude Busters) 
Manik / Suicide / T.J. Perkins won the belt.  Hoorah!

Hernandez vs. Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson got a clean pin victory on Hernandez.

Millionaire MILF Dixie Carter has “more important things to do” than being concerned by the TNA World Heavyweight Championship???  What is more important than a wrestling federation world championship??  Yes, I know, I understand!  If you put this “prestigious” title around the waist of a boring midget like Chris Sabin.  This title must mean nothing to her…  In this point of view, the chicks championship title is a lot more important!

Velvet Sky super hottie blah blah blah
Knockout Champion Mickie James vs. Gail Kim
Mickie James got the roll-up on Gail Kim…  As daddy’s little girl and talentless Brooke Hogan commanded.  Gail Kim was supposed to wrestles shemale referee O.D.B. but Gail Kim wisely bailed out.

Christopher Daniel vs. Samoa Joe
Christopher Daniel pinned Samoa Joe with the B.M.E. (Best Moonsault Ever).  Thankx to the distraction of Mr. Anderson.

A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy
A.J. Styles submitted Jeff Hardy for 10 points in the Bound For Glory series.

Bully Ray wants his title belt back…  Faggot Sabin came to the ring with the now worthless TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  Faggot Sabin calling Bully Ray a cry baby???  My ass!  The most annoying crybaby of them all is Chris “I was injured for 2 years…  I was the underdog for my entire career” Sabin.
Hulk Hogan came out with his wig and bandana on to announce that Chris “I should be a jobber!” Sabin will keep the title.  But that Bully Ray and Chris “Underweight Boredom” Sabin will fight each other on August 15, Hardcore Justice.

Final note:  Thankx god it’s over!  It was fuckin’ boring!!


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