TNA iMPACT Wrestling / Genesis results

TNA Genesis results
Thursday, January 16, 2014

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R.I.P. Mae Young

Rockstar Scrub blah, blah, blah… The audience booing loudly for good reason.  The most prestigious night of all professional wrestling, MY ASS!  Then introducing millionaire MILF Dixie Carter with her silly country music entrance… The booing got louder and louder…  The undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus for more boring, time-filling, blah blah blah…
Bromans, DJ Zema Ion, Bad Influence, Bobby Roodes, Gail Kim, and Lei’D Tapa are invited to celebrate in the ring for their help in the Magnus last week victory versus A.J. Styles… Now EC3 aka Ethan Carter III for more time-filling crap… Then Stink AKA Sting came in to stop that pointless 15 minutes of wasted time.  
Oh no! It’s ain’t over!  Sting with some more boring blah, blah, blah… zzz  Awake me when it’s over, please!

After 23 minutes of crap finally some brawling… TNA fan favorites brown noses Samoa Joe, James Storm, Gunner, Eric Young,
Joseph Park, and
ODB came out to brawl with the Dixie Carter team.

Rockstar Scrub called it a match.

intergender tag team match: Samoa Joe, James Storm, Gunner, Eric Young,
Joseph Park, and
ODB vs. The BroMans (Jessie Godderz, Robbie E, and Zema Ion), Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) and Lei’D Tapa 

Samoa Joe defeated Christopher Daniels with a Coquina clutch (rear naked choke) in 7:32. Thus scoring the victory for his team.

Dixie Carter twitted about her new talents… Probably unknown indie rookies.

Chris Sabin mistreating his hoe Velvet Sky who was talking to Austin Aries backstage…

Another pointless backstage segment, Kurt Angle searching for Dixie…

Chris Sabin and Austin Aries blah, blah, blah battle over the “extremely hot piece of… pussy?” Velvet Sky.  Next week, X-division Champion Chris Sabin and Austin Aries will fight for the access to Velvet Sky‘s sweet pussy.

Kurt Angle still searching for millionaire MILF Dixie backstage…

An unknown asshole attacks another unknown asshole backstage LIVE…  Hum, hum… TNA definition of live is pre-taped crap a month ago.

EC3 nervous to face Sting getting some support by TNA champion Magnus…  This backstage crap sucks so much!

Bully Ray vs. Misteeeeeeeer Anderson (no DQ match)
Outch! Mr. Anderson missed a senton bomb and landed into the steel guard rail.  Stop the bullshit with the fuel and the lighter and put that fuckin’ table on fire!!!! Bully Ray defeated Mr. Anderson in 9:34 with a piledriver.  It was a good match! The only match worthing something here.

Another pointless time filler savourous backstage segment: Kurt Angle attacking a security guard searching for Dixie.  Kurt Angle had with a wedding ring on his finger?? Maybe he miss Mrs. Jarrett so much!!

Gail Kim and Tapa attacked Madison Rayne backstage…

Kurt Angle in-ring blah, blah, blah… Millinaire MILF Dixie came to the ring for more soap opera bullshit…  Time filling!  Dixie stated that if somebody interfere in the silly Sting vs. EC3 match. He will get fired… Bobby Roodes sneak-attacked Kurt Angle. And two big and tall security guys escorted the semi-conscious Angle back to the locker room.

Another backstage crappy segment, the hundred years old referee Earl Hepner was given the night off by millionaire MILF Dixie Carter

TNA Women’s Knockout
Champion Gail Kim (with Lei’D Tapa) vs. Madison Rayne

Lei’D Tapa attacked Madison Rayne outside the ring and was caught by the referee who forced her to leave… Madison Rayne defeated
Gail Kim in 4:06.

Sting backstage blah, blah, blah…

Two no-name ass clowns backstage said to Dixie that they were signed by a new TNA investor…  Maybe it is Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins (no joke!)

Sting vs. EC3 (with Rockstar Spud as special guest referee)
EC3 won over Sting in 4:53?!!?  Thankx to a very fast count by Magnus who replaced Rockstar Scum as the referee???  Pure stupidity!!

Sting wants to fight Magnus for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship…. Blah, blah, blah between the two…

26 minutes of wrassling in a 2 hours boredom. This TNA Genesis wasn’t different from any other TNA iMPACT…  Boring!

I can tell you the next week results of this two episodes pre-taped TNA GenesisBut I won’t!  I will let you the surprise!!!

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