The Rock arm size

The Rock arm size? Separating the legit from the bullshit.

Vin Diesel (6’0″, 220 lbs) and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson (6’4″, 265 lbs)  Fast and Furious 6 / Fast Six

I hope that this Toby Maguire faggot’s action heros era will come to an end. There is some chance since The Rock seems to hit it big on the wide screen these days. Big in both senses of the word. Big in box-office appeal and big for his humongous physical appearance. It was mentioned (source below) that The Rock Dwayne Johnson was 280 pounds with a 54 inch chest and 23 inch arms for Fast Five AKA Fast and Furious 5 (2011)?!?  In my view; like 90% of height, weight and measurements claims around, it is bullshit!!  Exaggeration and/or bad journalism to be polite.

Yes The Rock is now more than ever freaky big and ripped but his arms aren’t 23 inches for sure. 

Take the look at the two pics below to get an idea of what legit 23 and 24″ guns look like.

Take a look at what 23″ legit arms on a 6 ft tall man look like!
There is no way The Rock ever got arms these size!

Now take a look at Jeep Swenson’s legit 24-inch arms.
Jeep Swenson was 6’4″ and 405 pounds.
After seeing how huge these guns are
 you can trash all those false claims of 24 inches arms around.

At left, when The Rock was fighting the world with a plank of wood at a Hollywood friendly 6’4″, 220 lbs.  His arms were probably 18 inches around.  And now, at 40 years old, and weighting in at a freaky, muscle buggling, WrestleMania friendly 265 pounds.  His biceps are about 21 inches.

In conclusion, at his biggest, The Rock’s arms are about 21 inches. And when he was an Hollywood newcomer they were around 18 inches.

Just my two cents and observations.

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