Justin Bieber workout

Justin Bieber workout
Lalalalalalolololol  What a fuckin’ joke!  Justin Bieber workout!
Are you fuckin’ kidding me??? 
Do you need to workout to be a bag of bones?

What a fuckin’ poser in the gym!
Fingerless gloves, pants down to his knees, playing with his phone.

What a douchebag! 
I’m sure he didn’t even move a single weight. 
He is just there to post some pics on Twitter.
When I see a sissy like Justin Bieber with tattoos. 
I’m ashamed to be tattooed.
What an Herculean physique Justin Bieber has. (Sarcaaaaasm!!!)
Justin Bieber acting a workout
while doing a photoshoot.
Justin Bieber flexing his… muscles?


  1. Anonyme

    biberboy the next Thing to let it smell something realy spicy ha ha some time ago Iglesias Junior was taken to a mc d or burger k.and had to work as a burger Boy and the challenge was to get phone numbers from Girls an guess what not one not even one thats a realyty check for sure bye

  2. PYGOD

    I'm not surprise at all. These guys bangs chicks because they are famous & rich.

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