Sergio Oliva a role model for Douchebags

Everybody know that all the Douchebags that you see in da club and in the gym are all about arms and abs. Nothing else matter to them except arms and abs. The show muscles to get the pussy wet and men’s respect.
But who do they have as their role models?
Who can personified the Ultimate Douchebag Icon? The Ultimate Role Model for Douchebags? The Douchebags’s Wet Dream?…

With their very limited knowledge of Bodybuilding History. It is very hard for them to imagine that once in the history of manking there were a man, a superman, had arms bigger than their legs and a waist smaller than the bitches they fuck.

Yes, such a man, such a human being existed in the real world.
His name is “The Myth” Sergio Oliva.


Before synthol and photoshop
Sergio Oliva was the real-life Popeye

Freakish, unbelievable, unreel, cartoonish proportions…

His arms were bigger than his own head

His thighs bigger than his waist

Huge arms, tiny waist…
The Dream of every Douchebags on earth! 

Sergio Oliva in custom-made shirt for a night in town

No, Sergio Olivia was way too awesome to be a douchebag

Sergio Oliva was one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time! 

Sergio Oliva was a 3-time IFBB Mr. Olympia (1967-1969); 2-time IFBB Mr. Universe (1966-1967); IFBB Mr. World (1966); 2 Times Mr International, 2
Times Mr Galaxy, 2 times Professional World Cup, 2-times WABBA Professional
World Championships (1977, 1980), 3-times WBBG Mr. Olympus (1975-1979, 1978)

5’10” (178 cm), 225-245 lbs (103-112 kg)
Segio Oliva
(July 4, 1941 – November 12, 2012)
Sergio Oliva’s LEGIT arm size: 20 1/8″ cold (measured by Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones) Arnold Schwarzenegger who claimed over 22″ arms was measured at “only” 19.75″.
Claimed 22.5-inch arms pumped
Claimed a 27-inch waist  and that his biggest waist measurement was 28. A guy that weight would
have a waist of about 40 or 45-inches.
Billed as having an over 58 inches chest and 21 inches forearms flexed (?).
Had over 30 inches thighs.

With his extremely massive
measurements and unusually small waist, Sergio Oliva is considered to be
the most genetically gifted bodybuilder of all time.


Any musclehead douchebags in the world would die just to look a little bit like him…

No Douchebag icons can touch him!

 Nobody can fuck with Sergio Oliva.


 Threw Jersey Shore Mike The Situation ‘s book in the trash can and get Sergio Oliva ‘s training book instead
Sergio Oliva training book should be the bible of any serious douchebag

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