Mike Tyson high on drugs for his fights

Mike Tyson claims admits – in his 2013 autobiography entitled ‘Undisputed Truth’ – that
during his career he was an avid user of cocaine and marijuana.
  That he was high
on drugs for some of his boxing matches.  He also admits
that he duped dope testers by using a fake penis
that contained ‘clean’ urine from another person. 

According to the former heavyweight king,
he was high on cocaine when he savaged the not-so-great white hope and bona fide tomato can Lou Savarese inside 40 seconds in
a June 24, 2000 Glasgow bout. Mike Tyson was so out of it that he even hits the referee at 38 seconds into the match.

After the fight Tyson looked possessed and declared that he would eat Lennox Lewis heart and children.

Mike Tyson vs Lou Savarese le 24 juin 2000 par catskill_boxing_club

Another fight stopped too soon by a stupid referee.Nowadays a boxing fight can be stop with only a couple of punches on a still standing opponents?!?


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