Kai Greene Gay for Pay g4p (NSFW)

The reason why Kai Greene will never be Mr. Olympia.

Yes this is Kai Greene fucking a grapefruit


Kai Greene, a transsexual, and 6’2″ IFBB Pro bodybuilder Toney Freeman stripping at a private gay party

As you can see Kai Greene is a frequent stripper in private gay party.

Kai Greene gay stripper.  STRENGTHFIGHTER.COM
Kai Greene gay stripper rewarding a schmoe.

You need a lot of money to pay for all the steroids, growth hormones & insulin required to get an IFBB Pro card.

Gay 4 Pay is the way to go for a lot of bodybuilders. A lot more than you may think.

Yes this is Gay Greene, 
2nd Place at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Mr. Olympia competition
Kai Greene is a gay for pay
Kai Greene is not the only one… 
Other famous Gay 4 Pay among the IFBB Bodybuilding Pros and the Fitness community.

Youtube sensation Kali Muscle is a Gay 4 Pay

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