Despite his herculean physique and intimidating look, James Thompson is widely perceived as a tomato can in MMA.?!!? 

The real problem is that James Thompson is an exciting and fearless brawler who takes fights on short notice.


Born: December 16, 1978 (age 35)

Rochdale, England
Hometown: London, England
Aliases: Mega Punk, The Colossus, Ironjaw McGraw (even if he is reputed for his legendary glass jaw. 11 of his 14 losses are by way of Knock-Out)
Height: 6’5″ (196 cm)
Weight: 273 lbs (124 kg)
Years Active: 2003-current (Started at 24 years old)

Previous occupations: Bouncer, debt collector, squatter and gypsy remover
Previous sports: Growing up, Thompson was a talented rugby player, and then worked as a bouncer and a debt collector. He also pursued a career in bodybuilding. Thompson took up the sport of wrestling and competed in a several matches before seeing an MMA match featuring Don Frye (whom he would later fight and beat at Pride 34: Kamikaze), which ultimately inspired him to pursue a career in MMA.
Student of the game: He started watching DVDs on boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

MMA Record: 20-14 and 1 no-contest (not that bad)
Had lost 12 of 15 fights but before that he went 12-2.
11 of his 14 losses are by way of Knock-Out

  Why he isn’t a tomato can?
Defeating an interesting serie of fighters:
two fading UFC Hall of Famer, 46 years old Dan Severn 
41 years old Don Frye,
Olympic Judo Gold medalist Hidehiko Yoshida,
360-pound European judo champion Alexandru Lungu,
former sumo wrestler Henry “Sentoryu” Armstrong Miller,
5-time World’s Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski,
the clumsy 7’2″ Giant Silva,
former pro wrestler Bobby Lashley,
faded freak show Bob Sapp
 Why did he loses so often?

The real problem with James Thompson is that he took fight on short notice. Just like the less successful Ruben “Warpath” Villareal (MMA record: 22-28-3)James Thompson is the ideal last minute replacement, he always say yes.

Nobody want to see James Thompson win. Promoters uses him as the sacrificial lamb. His status of short notice and travelling opponent make him susceptible of getting screwed by the judges and referees. If the hometown hero can’t defeat Thompson by himself, referees and judges will.
He was screwed on at least four occasions.
He was robbed in his fights versus Butterbean and Kimbo Slice when the referee stopped the fight too soon.
Once again robbed in his fight versus hockey goon turned MMA fighter Steve Bosse over some weird non official pre-match stipulations and a crowd riot. The match was declared a no-contest and doesn’t appear on either fighter’s official fight records
Screwed in his second fight against Mariusz Pudzianowski, Thompson lost a controversial decision. After the fight, he launched a profane verbal assault directed at the promotion. Two days later the promotion changed the result to a No Contest, claiming an error in scorecard tallying??!!??
James Thompson was robbed at least four times. Final results: 2 losses and 2 no-contests

His “Gong N Dash” fighting style make him and his opponents prone to early round knock-out. His “Gong N’ Dash” is like pitch and toss. Sometimes he KO’d his foes, sometimes he gets KO’d. Somewhat risky for James Thompson but always exciting to watch for the crowd. Consequently, he is popular in UK, USA, and Japan.

Think twice the next time you want to call James Thompson a tomato can. A c-level fighter? Maybe… but certainly not a tomato can.



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