Darren Young gay coming out

WWE wrestler Darren Young gay coming out 

Yes, Darren Young, 33 years old, real name Fredrick Douglas Rosser, is the first ever openly gay WWE wrestler. And apparently it isn’t part of an act. I thought that Pat Patterson and “Brooklyn Brawler” Steve Lombardi were the first openly gay wrestlers??? 

In the 80s, when bullies like The British Bulldogs Dynamite Kid ruled backstage.  It would have been a lot harder for a wrestler to admit his different sexual orientation. But now, mentalities has evolved and I think that people in general are a lot more open to difference. But I must admit that wrestling against a gay man must be weird!?! But Darren Young ain’t the first. The saint patron of jobber Steve Lombardi, despite his real macho look, was also gay. And it didn’t seem to bother anybody. I think it’s all in the attitude of the person.

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