Carrot Top synthol

Carrot Top, given name Scott Thompson, is another painfully dull, butt fuckin’ ugly humorist who made a career out of being an ugly redhead.
Carrot Top is 5’9″ (175 cm), roughly 190 lbs (86.5 kg) 47 years old (Born 1965)
Is it a pencil or a needle in his hand?
Obviously Carrot Top injected synthol in his shoulders.  Nonetheless the guy is fuckin’ ripped.

Synthol, roids, GH or not…  The guy is freaky cut.
Not me!

Carrot Top proudly displaying his injection site.
steroids, Botox, and plastic surgery…
Carrot Top is the white.. ouups no, The Red Michael Jackson

God damn holy fuck!!  He is freakin’ ugly!!!

Carrot Top < orangutan
At least the orangutan can be funny….  Sometimes.


Carrot Top before roids
It is the proof that with or without roids Carrot Top will forever be an ugly faggot.

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