Think twice before using synthol

Think twice before using synthol

Purulent Drainage from Muscle of Synthol Abuser since the kid wanted to have balloon fake muscles by injecting shitload of synthol oil til payback time came and a load of puss built up under his skin.  Then, the doctor painfully cut the bloated arm with a scalpel and drained the synthol induced purulent buildup from his muscle. That’s a whole lot of puss came out of this. 

Look at the guy getting his arm drained off this shit. Pretty GRAPHIC

Result of Synthol: Draining the arms

Moral of this story: Think twice before injecting this shit into your body.

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  1. HSAMA

    Unofrtunally HE's brazilian like me…. (-__-)'
    how stupid.

    the doctor is saying he never saw it! I was with the color of milk caramel and that he was about to lose his arm

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