Asashoryu Akinori sumo yokozuna

Born  Dolgorsürengiin Dagvadorj on September 27, 1980, Mongolia.

Asashoryu is the 68th yokozuna (highest rank) in sumo history and is the first Mongol to ever reach this rank in January 2003.  Over his entire career, he won 25 top division tournament championships.  In 2005, he became the first wrestler to win all six official sumo tournaments.

Asashoryu vs. Kotomitsuki
Asashoryu winning technique 
tsuriotoshi (lifting body slam)
Asashoryu started his sumo career on January, 1999 and retired on February 6, 2010 with a record of 669-173-76.  6′ (184 cm), 330 lbs (148 kg) with a 440 lbs (200 kg) bench press.  Asashoryu was the perfect blend of agility, strength, and technique.  His trademark was tsuriotoshi aka “lifting body slam”.

Asashoryu Sumo Conqueror His first 20 Championship wins (5:38)
As you can see Sumo isn’t for wimp. Excellent action packed compilation.

Asashoryu Greatest ever (3:21)

Asashoryu Greatest ever part 2 (5:59)

Asoshoryu the legend of the sumo wrestling (4:15)

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  1. hy sumos would be very good fighters if they werent so fat i dont understand the Motive of such stuffing they could be much leaner and much better and healthier fighters bye

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