Suroor Sulthan / Trolling Suroor / Synthol douche / Indian synthol freak

Suroor Sulthan is another synthol freak who became an online star.

Suroor before synthol


Indian Synthol Freak Suroor Sulthan



His Facebook bio:

This is Suroor. 27 Years, Single, An MBA Post Graduate, Working in a Private company, also Performs for few musical shows as a keyBoardist rarely in Abu Dhabi and also i have my Own business in U.A.E. Body Building is my great Hobby and i Work out a lot regularly with good supplements (Pre & post workout) since many years only because it is a big Interest. When i am out, i will be only on my Motor Bikes. i Dont Drink or Smoke. i have learned Karate also a long time back. Now i am learning Kick boxing also as a Hobby.

My Interests includes Motor bikes, Ps3, Martial arts, Music, Gym and Ofcourse Good Girls especially those who take the lead in anything in their life. Not the ones who act Over Smart. I like Kittens and very small Kids also. i Dont fear any Creature on the face of this Planet & will Only bow down to the All mighty. Allah has blessed me with everything in life for which i am thankful and which also includes my Parents who are my greatest Strength. i have a Vision to be more & more Successful in Life. There r people who like me and also who dislike me. So sometimes i also say that I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. Haha.. But i have a great respect for myself. Among many, one thing i dont like is free Advice by some people. Also envy ones & back stabbers. Born, brought up and i still live here in Abu Dhabi and U.A.E is a great place with many Local Friends. This is my Original account.
Though i Dont follow many rules, but i believe in the All Mighty. Read all this if U want to and then my Wall Updates. or else it is Not at all a Big Deal. Every one r just Humans. haha.. but if u reached till here means, U have already read. But still U can pretend.

Have fun reading some of his facebook chat, courtesy of a bodybuilding forum thread.


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