Bob Sapp is the worst tomato can in MMA

Bob Sapp is the worst tomato can / jobber in MMA
Once a fearsome giant-size killer who destroyed everything at sight…  Once the most hyped fighters in the world who set his sight on becoming the K-1 kickboxing champion and the Pride MMA champion at the same time…  Once a multimillionaire, a worldwide celebrity who was literally a god in Japan. .. Now he is a pure jobber, a defenseless tomato can who get owned and squashed under 2 minutes submitting on punches if the referee didn’t stop the fight.
He just got the look and the name recognition with no more pride and dignity. 
He just shows up and “fight” for a paycheck.

Bob Sapp crying out loud: “I’m not throwing fights, but I will not receive bodily damage for a small paycheck”.
$30 000 to $40 000 per fight, not that bad for a 12-second beating.  If his claims that he didn’t throw fights are true.  Bob Sapp is really a fuckin’ heartless, talentless coward jobber.  “…  I will not receive bodily damage for a small paycheck.”  Give me a break, you’re 6’5″, 350 pounds of pure muscle, you’re the black Hulk, you’re “The Beast”!!!  Where is your pride, where is your dignity!  You used to be the biggest thing in the MMA and K-1 world and now you’re just a fuckin’ joke.  You’re the very worst jobber in MMA.

You want some proof.  Just take a look at his MMA record on Wikipedia, by the way his kickboxing record is abysmal too.

MMA record: 11-16-1
(lost 14 of his last 16 matches)
Kickboxing record: 11-15
(lost 11 of his last 12 matches)

The hunter became the prey:
Maybe Bob Sapp ended like all the other marketable, manufactured MMA freaks with questionable abilities (Tank Abbott, Butterbean, Kimbo Slice).
Without strategic booking and biased referees, freaks seems to worth nothing.

Bob Sapp 12-second Submission

Bob Sapp vs Soa “The Hulk” Palelei – may 18, 2012

Bob Sapp quits exhausted after 12 SECONDS!!!

Little known, the giant Bob Sapp was annihilated by Five-time World’s Strongest Man titleholder but mediocre MMA fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski in… drum roll.. 40 seconds.

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Bob Sapp – 12.05.2012

Bob Sapp’s finishing move: the foetal position

Shame on you Bob. At least try to do something!! You’re the biggest, strongest, and most muscular coward ever seen!

James Thompson vs Bob Sapp (SFL 1) – March 11, 2012
 Another Bob Sapp incredible moments:  Bob Sapp tapping out to a single leg takedown from James Thompson in 1:52.

From Hero to Zero
Bob Sapp 3 options
 TKO by punches 
– Submit to Strikes
– Submit on sight…
Pass go, trash your legacy, and collect an easy paycheck.
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