Paddy Monaghan undefeated BKB champion

Paddy Monaghan
“Undefeated” BKB Middleweight champion of the world


Nickname: “Rough Diamond”
Birthplace: Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, UKi
Birthdate: February 19, 1944
Stance: Orthodox
Division: Middleweight (160 lbs)
Weight: 11 stone (154 lbs)
Years Active: 1962-80 (from the age of 18 to 36)
BKB Record: 114-0-0 (95 KOs) 83% KO%
(He wanted to retire 120-0 but had to retire due to his damaged hands.  Have to have 6 separate hand operations and one on his wrist.)
Fought on average 6.33 times a year
World Title Reign: 6 years  – 27 defenses (won it from Jean-Paul Durrell in 1974 to retire undefeated in 1980)
PADDY MONAGHAN said he learnt to fight at an early age at school by having to defend himself from schoolyard bullies.  He was introduced to Bare Knuckle Boxing at the age of 16.

As the legend goes, he visited a dozen of country, fighting on average of just over 6 fights per year without losing a single fight.

Myth or Reality?
Some said Paddy Monaghan is nothing more than a fraud and a joke.  His claims are famous on Google but without any concrete proofs of authenticity.  No photographs, no videos, no legit documentations about his allegued BKB illustrious career.  Since Bare Knuckle Boxing is an outlaw sport, proofs of legitimacy are hard to find.

Some said that his only true claim to fame is to be Muhammad Ali number one fan!?!

Do your own mind.

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