Arnold Schwarzenegger Wilt Chamberlain Andre The Giant

Arnold Schwarzenegger looking like a small child next to Wilt Chamberlain and Andre The Giant.

Arnold Schwarzenegger looking like a small child in the arms of Wilt Chamberlain and André the Giant.

Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, André The Giant

on the “Conan the Destroyer” set.
Probably the first and only time in your life that you will see the colossal 7-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger (6’2″, 235 lbs of pure muscle) looked small next to a human being.  By the way, Wilt Chamberlain was a legit 7’1″, 275 lbs and Andre the Giant was billed as 7’4″, 525 lbs.  Arnold said Wilt used to throw him around like a rag doll.
Arnold Schwarzenegger real height was always a source of controversy.

Indeed, poor Arnold was in the Land Of The Giants in ‘Conan The Destroyer’. 

  • 7’1.5″ Wilt Chamberlain (former basketball player)
  • 6’11” Andre The Giant (former wrestler – Height has been listed as much as 7’4″)
  • 6’5″ Pat Roach (wrestler/actor)
  • 6’5″ (possibly less), 304 lbs Sven Ole Thorsen (strongman competitor/bodybuilder/actor)  Sven Ole Thorsen won Denmark’s Strongest Man in 1983.
  • With the exception of his chiseled physique, Arnold is the less impressive actor on the set.  Weird?!?
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