Ab Implants Darryn Lyons

Ab Implants Darryn Lyons
Ab implants Darryn Lyons

Australian paparazzo and Celebrity Big Brother star Darryn Lyons said he spend £6,000 on his “male version of a boob job”.  He said it is a liposuction but it looked more like ab implants.  His abs seems so unreal.  Abs-olutely fake!

Darryn Lyon abs: implants or lipo or both?

USEFUL TIP:  Get rid of your fuckin’ beer belly before getting ab implants.

Darryn Lyons claims spending £6,000 on liposuction and “contouring procedure” to get those abs.

A somewhat better pic here.
Now he just need some synthol arms.
No, that shit doesn’t work.

Check out of what ABDOMINAL IMPLANTS are made of.


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