Synthol Arm Explode / Open Muscle Rupture

Synthol Abuser Death Video

He won’t have fun for very long.
He pumped so much synthol into his arms that it exploded with a massive gush.

Synthol Side Effects – Nasty Open Muscle Rupture

Some twisted people may think it’s funny but  it 
Sad and gross…

This synthol abuser later died.

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4 thoughts on “Synthol Arm Explode / Open Muscle Rupture

  1. Synthol is poison, but banning it won't do anything. It will just cause people to buy it on the blackmarket, and kill themselves, because they would less likely work with endocrine specialists, to monitor their blood work.

  2. I preach Liberty. I'm against all form of banning. If they are dumb enough to play with needle, they should be man enough to live with the consequences.

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