WWF Bunkhouse Battle Royal

“come as you are, anything goes”

Bunkhouse Stampede Battle Royal: Jan. 3, 1987

Bunkhouse Battle Royal by Stinger1981

This was featured in the WWF Magazine that hits the stands around January 1988– and the match had taken place sometime in October 1987. It was billed as a “Bunkhouse Stampede”, where wrestlers were allowed to bring weapons or wear unusual garb. 

-Leaping Lanny Poffo wearing a suit of armour
-Sika brought his bone 
-The British Bulldogs brought a giant dog-catcher’s net. 
-Ultimate Warrior wore…..facepaint! 
-Butch Reed wore jeans and a t-shirt 
-Don Muraco wore the Jets uniform. 
-The Rougeaus wore NY Islanders jerseys and helmets. 
-Dino Bravo wore a Montreal Canadiens jersey and helmet 
-JYD carried his chain, “Ruby” 
-Hercules wore…workout pants! 

– King Kong Bundy wore black work clothes
-Haku wore bicycle shorts
-Mr. Fuji is wearing a blazer 

Ken Patera and Billy Jack Haynes were teaming at the time as buddies from Oregon. So to fit the part of lumberjacks, both wore flannel and brought out chainsaws! But they didn’t bring the chainsaws into the ring.

Mike Rotundo, Danny Spivey, Bob Orton, Dick Slater, Jimmy Jack Funk, Pete Doherty, and Blackjack Mulligan all wear typical NWA Bunkhouse Battle Royal/cow boy clothes. Cow boy boots, jeans, T-shirt…

The worst dress award is for Greg “The Hammer” Valentine who wore a black speedo and a tight white wifebeater. A perfect choice of gear to go to a Saturday night barroom brawl. lol

Jimmy Jack Funk broke his hand while punching Lanny Poffo on his helmet.
Jobber Scott McGee injured himself and left on a stretcher.


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