WWE Smackdown June 28, 2013

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Beurk!  Things starts bad with Sheamus vs Damian Sandow in a Dublin Street Fight.  Booooooooring!  I don’t give a fuck!  I was wrong!  Despite all my apprehensions and my dislike of Sheamus it was a really good match.  Sheamus won the entertaining street fight.  Professor Sandow can be a tough son of a gun!

The same old shit, Bald Heyman is on Miz TV talking about the Brock Lesnar’s attack on CM Punk…. zzz  That piece of crap CM Junk really make a big deal about gettin’ his ass F5’d by Brock?!?  Fortunately it didn’t took out that way.  Paul Heyman introduced Curtis Axel.  The Miz make a fuckin’ great saying that Paul Heyman is the walking version of Stars War.  He sounds like Yoda, smells like Chubaka, and looks like Jabba the Hut.  It’s all finished with a Curtis Axel’s neckbreaker on The Miz.

Divas Champion sexy ass AJ Lee vs big chested Natalya.  AJ really have beautiful, bright long hair.  Cool!  Kaitlyn make an apparition impersonating AJ, mocking her and claiming that she is an all-around hoe.  Thus infuriated the crazy AJ causing Nattie to win the non-title match with a quick pin.  Delicious, Kaitlyn was very hot dressed as AJ.  She looked like an AJ with big boobs.  The best of both world.

Will the fuckin’ Wyatt Familly ever make his debut on TV?

Oh yes!  Vince McMahon is here today!!  You rocks Vince!  You’re the best!!

Randy Orton defeated Kane with an RKO with some indirect assistance from Daniel Bryan.  Daniel Bryan entertained us doing the commentary for this match.  Bragging about his incredible feat of making Orton tap out and seemed really happy that his friend Kane didn’t succeed in beating Orton. 

I thought that Ryback would wipe his ass with jobber Justin Gabriel.  But it wasn’t the case, jobber Justin outwrestled Ryback till getting caught in the Shell Shock.  Then it was over for Justin!  A very short match.  Chris Jericho came out taunting the injured Cryback (Yes, Cryback was injured to his leg by Justin Gabriel???) and brawled with him till Cryback ran away from the ring on one leg.

Another Wyatt Family vignette.

Yeeeeaaaah!  The Shield are coming!  The Shield vs Christian and The Usos who doesn’t have any chest muscle.  The Shield cleanly lost a second 3-vs-3 tag team match?!?  Christian got the pin.  I’ve lost interest after The Shield lost their first 3-on-3 match.  Now it just a proof that The Shield can lost and will probably lost to any stupid babyfaces.  The Shield aura was flushed down the toilet right here tonight. 
These fuckin’ Usos sucks and shouldn’t have a push.  They should be use as the jobbers they are.  Jobbing for life…  I just pray god to no see those two muscleless skinny fat Usos stole The Shield tag title.

Alberto Del Rio World Championship Mexican Celebration.  ADR annoying people speaking spanish, bashing the pignata.  ADR called out platinum blonde Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler stormed into the ring and kicked both Ricardo Rodriguez and ADR asses.  ADR left and Dolph Ziggler broke a guitar over Ricardo’s head!!  That’s what we all wanted to see.

The fiesta is over.

Except for The Shield defeat to the fuckin’ Usos jobbers.  Smackdown was entertaining and fun to watch unlike the previous Raw who was painfully long and dull.

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