Brian Sutherland, worst boxer ever


Hometown: Shelby, North Carolina, USA

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 177 lbs

Pro Boxing Career record: 0-2   Boxrec
* Losing his only 2 matches by KO in the first round.
* Losing his debut match to one of the worst losers in boxing history, Danny Wofford, BY KO IN THE 1ST ROUND. Wofford’s record was 12-24-2 at the time but ended his tomato can career with a losing record of… drumroll… 17 (KO 10) + lost 102 (KO 23) + drawn 2.
* Losing his second and last pro bout, 10 days later, to Kenny Rainford (see video below) IN 56 SECONDS count of ten included.  Rainford was 2-1 (1 KO) at the time and ended his career with 11-3 (6 KO).  All of his fights were against far below 0.500 losers, unpromising new comers and first timers.

Our good ol’ mulleted street fighter Brian Sutherland fell very deep into mediocrity.  In fact, Brian Sutherland wasn’t even good enough to be a credible tomato can.  Since he can stand in the ring more than a few seconds against¸ Danny Wofford, one of boxing’s worst loser.

The Mulleted-Moustachioed Warrior is a street fighter who said he never lost a street fight.

Brian Sutherland record:

Danny Wofford record:

Kenny Rainford record:

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