WWE RAW streaming & review July 1, 2013

WWE RAW live streaming

WWE RAW reviews July 1, 2013

For the moment, I just wish that it won’t be as long and dull as the last week Raw.

Bark!  Vickie Guerrero.  But with good announcement, WWE champion John Cena vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Stupid excrusiatingly boooring crappy wrestlers’s monologues to plug Money In The Bank zzzzzz
Fuck!  A silly speech from the butt-ugly Daniel Bryan…
No!  No!  No!
Thing got worse with the entrance of the albinos Shameus with his orange fluo hair.
Here come Randy Orton…  Here come Kane…  blablablabla…  zzzzz…  Boooring!   Here come Christian reciting his monologue…  A-hole CM Junk with his crappy monologue.  Best in the world my ass!!!!  Blablablablabla…  zzzzzz…. Can you please shut the fuck up!!!  Thankx Daniel Bryan to shut the fuck up of CM Junk!  Then a Randy Orton RKO to Kane. 
Thankfully this shitty promo is over.  We lost 15 minutes of boredom on this.

Revisiting past wrestling’s world champions: WWE Champion Buddy Rogers and World Champion Lou Thesz.  I think I finally got the point for 2 world champions in the same wrestling federation (?)  The WWE championship represents the WWF/WWE world title.  And the World Championship represents the NWA/WCW.

Will this fuckin’ Wyatt Familly finally make their Raw debut?

Yes sir!  The Shield (707 lbs) vs ‘Captain No Charisma’ Christian and The fuckin’ Usos (Did the Usos ever set a foot in a gym?)
Hell Yeah!!  The Shield wins!!  Dean Ambrose got the pin on Christian. 

Dolph Ziggler, with no AJ Lee and no Big E. Langston = a Ziggler face turn, vs. yes sir, the 3MB Jinsder Mahal.  Dolph Ziggler wins!  Michael Cole claims it is “a big win”.  LOL 🙂  Then, Ziggler singlehandlely kick the ass of the three air guitar rockstars of J.O.B. Squad 2013.  Deja vu!  But always a good laugh!

Bruno Sammartino and Harley Race past champions vignettes.

Monster heel Mark Henry video/promo.

Randy Orton vs Kane w/ Daniel Bryan as special guest refereeI don’t know what to expect!
Daniel Bryan DQ’d Randy Orton but restarted the match.  Kane wins with a very quick count from referee Daniel Bryan.  Kane is angry and grab Bryan by the neck.  Kane leave the ring.  Randy Orton RKO’d Daniel Bryan.

Past champions vignette: Bob Backlund and Dusty Rhodes.

Oups!  In the King Fishers series publicity, I just saw a fisher looking like Daniel Bryan?!?  No!  No!  No!

Fandango is back!..  vs giant pasty white albinos Shame-us  Sheamus won by count out when Fandango leaved the ring.  Predictible!

Ryback (291 lbs) vs The Miz with Chris Jericho at the commentator table.  Cryback asked the referee to stop the match due to his injured knee.  The Miz wins by referee stoppage!?!  Interesting scenario, nobody could have predicted that!!

Past champions celebration vignette: two inescapables, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

Mark Henry monologue.  What?

Vince McMahon terrorizing Vickie Guerrero and her stooge, backstage.  Mr. McMahon rocks!

CM Junk & Curtis Axel (w/ Walrus Heyman) vs. Prime Time Losers
Signs of dissention between CM Punk and Curtis Axel.  Nah, I think I will cry!!…  Walrus seems to feast on their discord.  Punk and Axel won!  No surprise here.

Champions of the past: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Sting.

Kaitlyn (w/ Layla) vs. Alicia Fox  Kaitlyn easily defeated Alicia Fox.  Sexi ass AJ Lee (w/ Big E. Langston) came out to mock her.

Stephanie McMahon terrorizing Vickie Guerrero backstage.

RVD video/promo.

Cody Rhodes (w/ Damian Sandow) vs. Antonio Cesaro (w/ Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger)   Antonio Cesaro bested Rhodes with the Neutralizer. 

Greatest champions of all time celebration: Triple H and Booker T.

Uninteresting Bella Twins diva’s scramble backstage.

Wyatt Family 1,000,000 vignettes.

WWE champion John Cena vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio

I just hope that it won’t be a Dusty Finish…  22:50 and the match isn’t started.  A Dusty Finish seems inevitable.  No Ricardo Rodriguez here, it’s a good sign… 

John Cena wins after some distraction from Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler.  Nonetheless the distraction from Mark Henry didn’t messed things up and changed the outcome of the match.  Since Del Rio was caught in the STF and about to submit. 

An excellent Pay-Per-View caliber match.  Thank you Vickie to “give it away for free” as Vince McMahon would say.

Overall it was an really very good Raw episode. The main event Champion vs Champion match stole the show.

To see the entire RAW video click here

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