WWE Raw (May 5, 2014) results

WWE Monday Night Raw 
the day after Extreme Rules 2014
May 5, 2014 (8pm ET / 1am UK) 
replay on demand: http://www.whsports.tv/

20-Man Battle Royal to steal Dean Ambrose U.S. Championship that he never defended anyway
Thanks to The Authority. Jobber Santino eliminates former World Champion Dolph Ziggler with the stupid childish cobra??? Huge booing from the crowd for good reason.
A strong showing for Dean Ambrose who survives til the end, til being eliminated by Sheamus who is the new United States champion.

COO Triple H announces a 6-Man Tag match: The Shield vs. The Wyatts.

Adam Rose looks so gay…

Sheamus backstage interview… Booooo!!!! You sucks! You’re ugly!! Fuck you!

Stephanie McMahon trying to bullshit Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella backstage.

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman
Cesaro is disqualified when he viciously pummeled RVD who was caught in the ropes. Heyman tells Cesaro to stop before getting suspended??? Who’s get suspended in the WWE??

Bray Wyatt in-ring speech… He says he became somebody last night by defeating John Cena. John Cena was defeated by a child. Yes it was ridiculous. The world must be burn and reborn in the image of Bray Wyatt??? An ambitious project for Bray Wyatt.

Ryback vs. Cody Rhodes
RybAxel’s music sucks! Ryback is truly humongous!.. 
Ryback defeats Cody Rhodes. LOL 🙂

Brie Bella and Kane backstage… The “helpful” Stephanie McMahon wants to save them from the demon Kane…

Los Matadores celebrates the last night win of El Torito over Hornswoggle… 31/2 MB came to party… Hornswoggle brawling with El Torito… Los Matadores kicks 3MB’s asses… El Torito kicks Hornswoggle ass… JBL make fun of the midget feud comparing El Torito to “Dr. Squat” Fred Hatfield.

Extreme Rules 2014 results

Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs. Kofi Kingston
Kingston is this week Rusev’s sacrificial lamb…
Rusev crushes Kofi Kingston submitting him with his Camel clutch. 

Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella are about to leave in their car as suggested by Stephanie McMahon. But the witch Stephanie appears from nowhere to tell Bryan that he must defeat his title right now or he will be stripped of his title….

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio
ADR taps out to the Yes lock. Daniel Bryan wins.

Oups! Kane’s entrance music. Daniel Bryan escapes with his wife to protect her.  The fuckin’ car doesn’t start… Kane is in the back seat grabbing Brie who is in the front seat… Brie is screaming… Brie screaming… Daniel Bryan starts his car with Kane on top… Kane fell on the concrete… Kane won’t die… Shut the fuck up Brie!

Extreme Rules 2014 results

Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Big E
Big E’s title rematch.  Bad News Barrett KO’s Big E to keep his title with the support from the crowd.

A special Mother’s Day message from Mr. T
What a good idea. I’m serious! I love my mother.


Zeb’s deportation list! WHAT? Cesaro, Heyman, Emma, Santino, Sheamus, Paige… Good choices Zeb! They are interrupted by the Exotic Express and the very gay Adam Rose. Zeb is disgusted for good reason. I am too! 
Jack Swagger throwing himself out of the ring trying to attack Adam Rose… Adam and his bunch of dorks dance like a idiots in the ring. What a ridiculously shitty gimmick.


Wyatt Family vs. The Shield
Seth Rollins can fly! His aerial assault is really impressive!
Thanks to the distraction of Evolution, Bray Wyatt pins Roman Reigns and the winner are the Wyatts.
However, Evolution destroys The Shield after the match.


Photo: Credit: Rickey Len Carnes

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