WWE RAW July 22, 2013 full video

WWE RAW July 22, 2013 full video (Monday 8pm ET / 1am UK)

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Brad Maddox starts the show…  WWE Champion John Cena (blah blah blah) and the ugly troll Daniel Bryan (more boring blah blah blah), a John Cena pro vanilla midget speech??? and finally the damn contract signing.  Stupid no-yes back and forth between Brad Maddox and Daniel Bryan…  15 minutes wasted on shit!!!

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus
Watching my facebook instead of watching these boring match.  ADR pinned the giant albinos 1-2-3.

Booker T and Teddy Long backstage interview.  On s’en calis!

Christian vs. Titus O’Neil
Christian pinned Titus O’Neil.  Boring!

Ryback backstage interview.  Pointless!

Mark Henry in-ring speech…  No, skullet Mark Henry is calling out The Shield.  Mark Henry was on his way for a beating but the fuckin’ Usos saved his fat ass.

In the locker room, John Cena trying to protect his asshole vanilla midget SummerSlam opponent Daniel Bryan?!!?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Darren Young
Dolph Ziggler defeated Darren Young.  Deadly boring! 
Big E. Langston w/ AJ Lee unsuccessfully tried to attack Ziggler after the match.

Miz TV with seven divas plugging the WWE reality show Total Divas. Eva Marie slapped Jerry Lawler out of nowhere. And the pointless and stupid promo/interview is over!

The super-hot Bella Twins

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon harrassing Brad Maddox backstage.

Another boring Wyatt Family vignette…

Finally something great, Fandango music…
Fandango vs. Cody Rhodes
The boring Cody Rhodes defeated Fandango after Damien Sandow’s interference backfired.

Boring night so far…  Things goes worse with squeegee 34 years old kid CM Junk making his entrance for another boring, useless speech…  Walrus skullet man Paul Heyman blah blah blah SummerSlam promo on the giant screen…  If Brock Lesnar lost to CM Punk, he will lost all of his legitimacy.

RVD vs. Wade Barrett
RVD bested Wade Barrett.  Dull!

Still 40 painful minutes to watch…

The ugly troll Daniel Bryan will be in a Gauntlet match  (Fighting 3 different wrestlers in a row).
Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger
Zeb Colter talking shit…  Daniel Bryan won…

Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro
Daniel Bryan won…

Brad Maddox, loving Daniel Bryan as much as I do, choose Ryback to be the third opponent…

Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback
In his third match, Daniel Bryan won by disqualification when Ryback powerbombed him through a table outside of the ring.  I thought that everything was legal outside of the ring?  Powerbombing someone through the announcer table is legal but not through a wood table???  Weird world of wrestling!!
And not to forget that goodie two shoes John Cena stormed the ring to save Bryan’s ass from further destruction.  Ryback retreated to the locker room while Cena applauded the “greatness” of Daniel Bryan. 

Why John Cena is still so hated while tbeing he worst brown-nose crowd-pleaser that you could ever imagine.

In resume, except for the Daniel Bryan Gauntlet match.  Raw was painfully boring. 

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