John Cena Randy Orton homo

Yes, John Cena and Randy Orton are very close friends.  Yes, John Cena and Randy Orton have the same haircut.  But as far as I know John Cena are Randy Orton are not gay. 

Now that I got your attention there is a rumor circulating that WWE Champion and goodie two shoes, brown-nose, crowd pleaser by excellence nonetheless hated John Cena gonna turn heel at SummerSlam 2013 attacking vanilla midget Daniel Bryan after losing his world championship belt to him.  Then Mr. Money In The Bank 2013 Randy Orton would cash-in and defeat the weakened and newly crowned champion Daniel Bryan.  Then after, Randy Orton would be the WWE Champion and John Cena would be his best allied. 

It would be damn great to see these two main eventers allied together to form an unbeatable heel duo.  It is a very likely scenario since it wouldn’t change too many thing.  Since Randy Orton will forever be a tweener.  And that John Cena, despite all his brown nose efforts, is still hated by most of the fan.  So a heel turn would be benefical for both.

If this scenario happens to be true. I’m vainly hoping that the duo will erase the ugly troll Daniel Bryan from the face of the earth on SummerSlam night!!

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