WWE RAW August 5, 2013 full video

WWE RAW August 5, 2013 full video (Monday 8pm ET / 1am UK)
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Brock Lesnar got a face-to-face with CM Junk.  Curtis Axel try to sneak-attack CM Punk but it backfired…  CM Junk clash with Brock Lesnar…  CM Junk almost gets his hands on the fat walrus skullet man Paul Heyman.  But instead, he was destroyed by Brock’s chair shots.  C’mon Brock KILL THIS FUCKIN’ BASTARD!!!!! 

A match between CM Punk and Walrus Paul Heyman is announced for next week.  A very anticipated match, since everybody wants to see the fat walrus getting his fat ass kicked!!!  But, unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen since walrus is in no shape to wrestle.  And Brock Lesnar and/or Curtis Axel will surely interfere to save the fat walrus’s ass and kick CM Punk’s skinny ass into oblivion.

Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton & John Cena vs. The Shield
An excellent main event…  But what the fuck???  the match stopped when Ambrose and Riggs interfered to save Rollins who was caught in the Yes lock.  No announcer decision, nothing, The Shield were probably disqualified a little too fast???  But the best is yet to come…
Randy Orton RKO’d the shit out of Daniel Bryan then RKO’d the shit out of John Cena!!!  Then, YES! YES! YES!  Randy Orton wants to cash-in his Money In The Bank wallet, calling out a ref but…  Oh fuck!  The Shield are coming, angry as hell, and wanting retribution.  Orton wisely chose otherwise and leave the ring to let his partners John Cena and Daniel Bryan gettin’ their asses kicked.  Orton is maybe not champion, for the moment.  But at least, The Shield triple-power bombed the shit out of little troll Daniel Bryan!!  YES! YES! YES!

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