transgender UST Combatant Stan Włotrzewiszczykowycki

Stan Włotrzewiszczykowycki 
(formerly Stanislawa Włotrzewiszczykowycki)

BIRTHPLACE:Biala Rawska, Poland
RESIDENCE:Krakow, Poland
HEIGHT: 5’11 3/4″ (at least 1.5+ inches taller with boots)
WEIGHT: 231 lbs
AGE: 31

OCCUPATION: Combatant/GateKeeper, TV host/workout coach in his native Poland


  • Started competing in bodybuilding competitions at the age of 15
  • Pro card at the age of 22
  • Ms. International champion, at age 23
  • Ms. International, 3rd place, at age 24
  • Ms. International champion, at age 25
  • Ms. International, 6th place, at age 26
  • Ms. Olympia, 4th place, at age 22
  • Ms. Olympia, 7th place, at age 24
  • Ms. Olympia, 3rd place, at age 25
  • Ms. Olympia, 7th place, at age 26
  • Retired at the age of 27

Transman (Female to Male) had gender-reassignment surgery and hormonal therapy.
The first transgender Combatant in UST history.

Had an horrible childhood being bullied in school and struggling with suicide thoughts because of his gender issues. 
Built his confidence by dedicating himself to weight training and bodybuilding. 
Retired from pro bodybuilding at the age of 27 and debuted his sex reassignment therapy and surgery.

Renounced to her human rights by joining the ultra-tough and ultra-strict Russian SLAUGHTERSPORT School at the age of 28 dreaming of becoming a UST Combatant. Since he was different, he had it even harder than any other recruit. His coach and fellow trainees make his life a living hell. Nonetheless, through his absolute strength of character and never give up attitude he earned the respect of his coach and fellow trainees and became “one of the boys”. 

FINISHERS: Bronco Kick

For the entire stable of Combatants
to know all about the Combat Sport.

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