South Park StrongWoman Competition transgender Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Randy “Macho Man” Savage making a special appearance as “Macho Woman” Heather Swanson (name based on real-life World’s Strongest Woman Becca Swanson) in South Park episode “Board Girls” as transgender … Read More

transgender UST Combatant Stan WĹ‚otrzewiszczykowycki

Stan WĹ‚otrzewiszczykowycki  (formerly Stanislawa WĹ‚otrzewiszczykowycki) BIRTHPLACE:Biala Rawska, Poland RESIDENCE:Krakow, Poland HEIGHT: 5’11 3/4″ (at least 1.5+ inches taller with boots) WEIGHT: 231 lbs YEARS OF TRAINING: 3  Russian SLAUGHTERSPORT School AGE: 31 … Read More