Tough Guy Contest / Battle of the Super Fighters

To finally answer the eternal question: “Who would win between Muhammad Ali (boxer), Bruce Lee (martial artist) or Bruno Sammartino (wrestler)?”   The first Toughguy championship would take place March 20, 1980 in New Kensington, PA. The company organized a league of events and promoted over 10 competitions across Pennsylvania under the banner of “Battle of the Brawlers,” “Battle of the Tough Guys,” “Tough Guy Contests” and “Battle of the Superfighters” throughout 1980.
Based in Pittsburg, Philadelphia, USA;  CV Productions Inc. introduced MMA to America by becoming the first modern MMA fight league in the United States from 1979 to 1983.
“It was the birth of what many are calling a new sport” “A sport that blends elements of boxing, wrestling, and brawling.”
“organized, legalized, street fighting.”

CV Productions is the first documented company to promote mixed martial arts as a sport to the American public in 1980. Popular promotions such as UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) were not held until 1993. CV Productions developed a fight format to appeal to mainstream audiences, and partnered with concert promotion specialists DiCesare-Engler Productions. After major successes in the Pennsylvania region, the company laid the ground work to expand. They were negotiating a national sponsorship deal for a $100,000 prize finale set for Las Vegas in 1981. (To put the magnitude of the prize money into perspective, the average salary for an NFL pro in 1980 was $78,657. The championships garnered so much fanfare so quickly that they were slated for a nationwide tour that would have taken them to nearly every major US city.

NBL Football player, Len Pettigrew of Philadelphia Eagles, wins the Heavyweight Title at the “Battle of the Superfighters” 1980

Godfather’s of MMA

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4 thoughts on “Tough Guy Contest / Battle of the Super Fighters

  1. hy id say sammartino lee was the total package but 60 kg are not enough ali was a boxer and a boxer is very limited sammartino was a legend and had many brawls outside the ring where he used his fists look how sammartino Looks like with 77 years you will not belive it bye

  2. Indeed, in my view, Bruce Lee was more a myth than a reality. Lee only won some boxing matches and a karate tournament.

    Ali was a limited fighter. Look at his fight against Antonio Inoki.

    Bruno Sammartino was legitimately one of the strongest men in the world. A 565 lbs bench press in a drug-free era without any supporting gear (bench shirt). He was a legit brawler. The famous shoot wrestler Antonio Inoki once refused to fight him.

  3. Ali knocked out Kenny Jay and Buddy Wolfe who were superior to Bruno Sammartino in real wrestling.

    Bruce Lee admitted Ali would "kill him" in a fight.

    Ali was an incredible grappler for a boxer.

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